$100 IEM Recommendations

I recommand Hidizs MP145, I got it on 11.11, good soundstage and the instrument separation is commendable. I think it better than all the competitors around this price range. Worth a try!

I think Dunu Titan S2 is shaping up to be one of the best under $100

Letshuoer S08 is looking like another good pick under $100.

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Buy Xuan nv very good iem for the price. It sounds very similar to truthear hexa but has better bass quality. It looks spectacular as well.

The Kinera Celeste Plutus Beast. A beast of an IEM for the money. Takes a good 30 hours of running in though. When I want fun, I turn to the Beast.

I have got my Aful explorer yesterday and enjoying it. I’m not so well versed when describing sound, but it has great bass with kinda relaxed highs.


Actually you described it pretty well.

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Oh thanks!

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