Active Bookshelf Speakers < or ~ $2k

Would you be concerned about spending $2k on a nice HT system that you can’t hear?

If you primary goal was a system to listen to music 50 % vinyl / 50% digital would you be concerned that this 5.1 system would not be good at addressing that need?

I use my HT speakers to listen to music often, only certain genre’s and not in the 5.1 set-up.i happen to like my speakers though and auditioned them first. No i would NOT purchase that set-up if my primary goal was music, I have certain preferences but that’s just me and my own opinion. B&W speakers are good and many folks like them, read a few AVR reviews to see if that gear is anywhere near your tastes, don’t jump on items that have nothing to do with what you are looking for. If you take your time and look i’m sure you can find something that will meet your requirements. I wish i could be more help, Happy Listening.

Something to consider is that for your surrounds you can reasonably have them be lesser quality compared to your main 2 channel and center channel if you really want a multichannel setup, so you can invest more into your 2 channel

If you mainly listen to music, I wouldn’t get a multichannel system imo

heh, they kinda are on the mentioned B&W setup.
But it is nice to hear / get that “kick” from behind also and not just “echo sounds” if heading to the deep end of HT pool.

But i also would still aim at 2-way stereo system.
And no. I would want to head the front’s or 9NT Towers first before buying.
Even if for music use.

Thanks for all the advice guys! I have passed on the B&W options and have passed on the 5.1 options listed locally as well. No dice on a Swan demo as both my local “dealers” for them are super shady. No dice on the Dynaudio Xeo 20 as they cannot get them. No Dice on the Elac Navis as I didn’t like their base response. Also wasn’t able to get the Kef LS50 wireless as the distributor basically made me feel like he thought they were not good.

I will go demo these this weekend:

I understand these are passive and not book shelves but started to get worn down on my options. Hopefully I can find a cheap A-B hybrid amp to power them with (Schiit Aegir) and call it a day. They have some cheaper price than listed online so hoping to get speakers down closer to $2k… We’ll see.

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Open baffle speakers are pretty interesting, should be a fun listen

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Couldn’t end up demoing the Spatial Audio as they have supply chain problems at the moment.

Had a set of these pop up on my local classifieds:

Evett & Shaw Pesaro “Diaural” for $1500… I believe they were a high end boutique speaker company about 10 years ago.

I can find 1 user review:

One other old article from Analog Planet:

“Ray Kimber was on hand in the Evett and Shaw room to demonstrate his Diaural crossover for me. He used two pairs of E&S Pesaro speakers: one with the standard crossover, one with Diaural. Using Patricia Barber’s “Ode to Billy Joe,” the standard speaker (played first) sounded cloudy and off-timed; Barber’s finger-snaps were waterlogged, and her voice was unusually diffuse. The Diaural improvement was overwhelming, but it made me think that the standard crossover had simply not been well implemented to begin with. Nonetheless, this was an impressive demo.”

Anybody have any further experience with these speakers or heard them? Wondering if I should try to demo them or would it be a pass.

Never heard or seen them before lol. It’s an all soft dome it seems which is pretty strange, personally I wouldn’t take the risk especially with them being NOS, that would lead to suggest they didn’t sell well

Another interesting listing popped up in my local classified. We have a ton of renowned local speaker manufactures here in utah (Spatial, Tekton, Totem, Zu Audio, RBH, etc…) so we get some odds and ends pop up. The seller is listing a 1 off build where they took a $1000 bookshelf ( RBH SV-61R) and put in the drivers (inhouse beryllium woofer + ScanSpeak 9500 tweeter) from their $12k flagship bookshelf. Apparently an employee must have done a side project or they did a custom build for a customer. Just odd to do a frankenstein such as this and I understand you can’t take the drivers + crossover and throw it into a budget cabinet and expect a world beater. Thoughts? Worth a 90min to demo them?


High End line they took the drivers from:

Normal $1k product build:

I mean that’s just an interesting thing to find so personally I would just demo it for the novelty lol. Those are quality drivers, and as long as he tuned the crossovers a bit I could see them being a decent improvement