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I enjoyed hearing origin stories from @TimpTim44 and @SandboxGeneral - very cool. My parents encouraged musical curiosity in me as well, and outreach efforts from local performing organizations sealed the deal. Growing up in Utah in the 80s, we had art music on two FM public radio stations. One of them did jazz at night, eventually dropped the art music during the day, eventually dropped the jazz, and as far as I know, is all talk all the time now. Philistines. Talk is so cheap. The other station tried to shut down a few years ago, but after several weeks of public outrage they found a way to keep going with 24-hr art music broadcasting.

I’ll try to share more later, but for now I’ll talk about my chamber strings kick. I finished listening to the Bartok string quartet cycle a while back - that is some tough stuff, almost as tough as the two Carter quartets I listened to recently. Boyce’s trio sonatas have been lovely, and two Prokofiev quartets plus his cello sonata led me into Enescu’s piano trios. It’ll take me a while to finish all 15 Shostakovich quartets - I’m going odd (1, 3, 5…), then even (2, 4, 6…). Listening to these pieces reminded me of a historical fiction novel I read a few years back. Very, very interesting book. Check it out if you get a chance. Loading interface... Heh, sorry, the Goodreads link looks like it’s doing weird things here. It’s called The Noise of Time by Julian Barnes. :slightly_smiling_face:



Good evening. Tonight I thought I would start of with something new to me and classical. This was JUST released yesterday, so I had to give it a go. It’s fantastic! This is volume 2.

“As we delve into the second volume of Leonard Bernstein’s complete recordings on DG, featuring orchestral works by Jean Sibelius and Igor Stravinsky, we celebrate the multifaceted legacy of this remarkable conductor, composer, pianist, pedagogue, mentor, and more.”


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@Raptor168 Bernstein was a major musical influence for early me. Watched his fascinating stories and explanations of music on tv with his “Young People’s Concerts.” We could do with some colorized reruns of those, lol.
Michael Tilson Thomas has done some, which I used when teaching, but
Bernstein was great!!!

After a hectic week I needed a soothing wind down. This worked just fine! :wink:


I started this evening with something different. This turned out to be an amazing performance. What an incredible guitar.

Played on the speakers. The speakers disappeared and for a moment there I had the sense that she was in the room. Fantastic.

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Wonderful! …and yes, she’s really good. :wink:

Seems my increased interest in classical guitar hasn’t waned. Here is a briliant performance by Vera Danilina, playing the fantastic Siccas guitar. Such amazing tone and character.

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Having a classical evening tonight. I’m currently spinning up a selection from the collection. This is James Levine and the Berliner Philharmoniker performing Mendelssohn symphonies 3 and 4. Fantastic.


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It’s a rainy Saturday. So what does one do? Why he pulls out his Beethoven collection, of course!

It’s so nice to have all 9 handy like this. And frankly, I kinda like these 9. Von Karajan’s works of Beethoven are my personal favorites.

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@Raptor168 Cool. I went to the local university’s music conservatory orchestra
concert last night. Beethoven’s 7th really well done, especially for so early in
the school year! So TWO B…symphs in a week!
Hope you enjoyed yours too!

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