Amazon HD vs. Tidal HiFi (MQA)

Seems like the quality of hi-res is a thing even Zeos has concerns.

Fact is you can get tidal for $3 a month using the Turkish vpn trick (tidal staff were so dimwitted they made the hifi tire in Turkey the same numerical value US $ which comes in at just under $3). Fuck them too as they charge £20, which is extortionate. At that price, it doesn’t matter what Amazon Music is doing, its 5x more expensive.

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I can only repeat it again.

If you play the streaming provider with Audirvana or Roon and have selected your preferred bit rate.
It doesn’t matter which provider you use.
Sampled is sampled.
It doesn’t matter if the file is 16/44 or 24/44.
As soon as you go beyond that, it doesn’t matter.
Unfortunately, the whole software is technically limited.
Audirvana only offers Hi-res, Qubozz and Tidal.
Roon offers more, but you have to pay for it monthly.

All those who do not use Roon or Audirvana and only use it as an app on their smartphone, Windows ect. Windows etc. will notice audible differences.

Because the apps are tuned differently and mainly the output runs via Wasapi.
And of course what the provider adds to make it sound “big”.
That’s just as much of a joke in this case.
That’s why there are numerous reports that Amazon is louder than the others, Tidal Qubozz a bit smoother and so on…

That’s why you have to clearly differentiate between additional programmes like Audirvana that not only sample but also play back bit-precisely, which Roon also does with more options.

The sound of the apps of the streaming providers.
And of course the house sound of the dac that brings it along, which also has a bit of influence on it.

Then there are the mobile versions where I claim that the apps of the providers are better adapted to the end device due to their technical possibilities.
Meanwhile, there are additional apps that can also transmit clear instructions to the Dac.
Bitrate sampling,Musicplayer ect…

What is MQA?
For me MQA is another file format like DSD,Flac,Mp4,ACC ect…
They tried to offer a format with MQA because there were always discussions about how the file actually sounds at the mixer or composition and as a private person I couldn’t get access to it.

That was probably the plan behind the idea.
Unfortunately, it requires technology.
In the end, however, one has to ask oneself, without wanting to defend Tidal, whether the manufacturer might not have been sloppy with the technology.
Perhaps there is so much inexperience that they are struggling with the noise floor as they did with the jitter problem.
When digital technology made its progress.

Manufacturers always want to save money but offer everything and the customer pays little.
That is today’s trend.
That’s why it will be difficult for the format.
And besides, there are some customers who don’t want any changes.
We are creatures of habit by nature.
But it is also the fault of the scene, which makes it difficult to make it easy for beginners.
And to overwhelm them with X number of things.
When I started it was so much and so big and so much very expensive just to be able to enjoy music halfway than the standard.
That’s exactly what streaming providers and manufacturers exploit.
The stupidity and ignorance.

Which is not a bad thing on my part, but the truth.
If people were a little more honest and informed with their customers, they would be more likely to give new things a chance.

I won’t buy a new Dac just to hear what happens during mastering, I don’t need that.
There are remixes that came out later that sounded better than before and were good from the start.
I don’t have to replace the producer with technology just because he’s good.He understands that and if he can do that he gets paid for it.Dr.Dre,understood what music is as well as his generation before.
Today there is hardly any and why?
Because the meaning was not understood.
And with MQA, they are trying to steer it in a completely different direction and replace it with technology.

Can it sound real because of that?
Time will tell how good the format is and whether it will catch on.I wouldn’t look at it in a prejudiced way.Some things take time,some have matured.
That’s why Tidal is not worse than before in my estimation.
There is also a rumour that other providers want to support MQA.There is no point in switching in the end, except to delay it.

The truth will lie somewhere in between, as is so often the case.5% is scientifically proven on YouTube, and many people forget that.The rest is conjecture, a source of information, half-knowledge, lies and rubbish.

I have a Tidal premium, family membership. I have this because I offen leave my music playing as I come and go. I also listen in the car over my Samsung phone. Lately more and more songs that I have played several times previously, won’t play. Sometimes I get the error message. Other times it just goes to the next song. Lately if I play a song from a playlist, that same song is the only one that plays from the that list. Earlier my Astel-Kern SP1000M stopped working completely with Tidal. What is the problem that this service is continually getting worse? If their app won’t work on my: DAP; streamer; or server, than what good is this service? I’d hate to just quit my account but if they can’t keep the service running, then what am I paying $30/ month for? Im just starting to try Qobuz but the layout looks different so it’ll take me awhile to learn. It sucks to get totally used to a format and then have to start over. Ill probably try Amazon as well. Its like you have to have a MSDBA just to listen to music.

Wow. Sorry to hear of your troubles. I wouldn’t be able to tolerate that either. Is there any tech support available to assist? I’ve never tried Tidal and never will so I don’t know. I hope either they can figure it out or you can find a suitable replacement service. I haven’t really experimented much with these services myself. I’ve only tried Youtube Music and Amazon HD. I have nothing bad to say about Youtube Music. Amazon HD has been wonderful for me and is my service of choice. I have been curious about Qobuz, but frankly I have had no compelling reason to leave AMHD.