Any good entry/budget IEM's you'd suggest?

If you’re going portable, the Radsone ES100 Bluetooth receiver would be more than capable of powering the HD58X and almost any IEM. It also can be used as a dedicated DAC/AMP for your computer. Or, you can set the 3.5mm out to line out and use it with any Amp.

Zeos said in his review don’t bother with the ZS10. But the ZS10 Pro version is what he said to get, and what you should get if you want a ZS10 model.

I just watched this a few days ago. Hopefully it helps!

Yeah, sorry, that’s what I meant. I am thinking of getting the ZS10 Pros as a starter IEM

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Thank you for that! That was really insightful! However, now I am even more conflicted haha! I am not sure what ones I would want to get.

Probably gonna end up with the ZS10 Pros and maybe buy extra balanced cables. I haven’t had a good set up to truly know, but I currently like a deep rich sound, more bass side. I liked the T2 in the sound comparison, but I was using my pretty crappy bass heavy headphones. Real hard choice though. Just choosing one and trying is probably the best course of action.

HAHA, you and me both. I was going to pull the trigger on some ZS10 Pro’s, but not quite sure after that sound test.

I would say that sound demos really don’t give you an accurate representation of what they would sound like, especially if you consider all the things that the sound demo has to go through that alters the sound. But that’s just me. I wouldn’t personally put too much value on a sound demo for a headphone/speaker/iem


Of course, that makes sense. I appreciate that. I will probably just grab those ZS10 Pros that I wanted (and like you suggested, based on what I like) when I can.

Well if you really think that something else would suit you better, go for that. Just don’t base a decision on a sound demo imo, you have to get info from lots of places and decide from those, instead of one single source swaying your decision

Yeah I agree. I have more time to research and decide, but originally I was thinking the T2 but the ZS10 Pro seems to fit my preferred signature better, and your suggestion back up this thread helped me get an idea too. The sound demo was interesting, and made me think slightly differently, but I didn’t want to let it sway my decision really abruptly as you said. I appreciate all of your input, thank you so much!

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Oh, and one last question before I forget, do you have any foam tips you may suggest that I could use for the ZS10 Pro? I have tried foam tips before, and I rather like their feel.

Comply foam works pretty great if you like slow rebound, dekoni foams if you like a quicker foam, and ikko planet I foams if you want a closer insertion to your ear

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I use Ikko planet I foams on my zs10pro and they work really well with it :+1:

CCA C10 are just great and are criminally cheap.

Prefer more Bass and Mid fullness? ZS10PRO… amazing for the price.
More old school laid back sound? Tin T2

Truth is there are countless options out there. l hear only good things about TFZs budget iems…

Form factor depends on intended use…

I would add that if you value realism, especially in drums and cymbals and also vocals the CCA C10 is hard to beat at that price. Instruments sounds real, much more than on T2. The T2 sounds congested compared with the CCA. l’m a pro musician so l can immediately can tell the difference. So l vote for CCA C10 as one of the best to start with. And its cheaper than T2 l think. My 2 cents… good luck

Thank you all for the advice! I really appreciate it! Currently I am thinking of getting one of 3/4 IEMs, but I have plenty of time to decide. I do like the Tin T2, but I like a deep and full sound. I like the feel power in the low end and have it feel substantial. Due to that, I was looking at the KZ ZS10 Pro and the KZ ZSX, and I’m sort of leaning toward the ZSX from what I have researched. I would also probably update the cable, since it isn’t so good.

I really like your suggestion of the CCA C10, that sounds like an awesome choice! However I do not know much about it yet and I’ll look into it some. Can you tell me any more about it?

You’re going to like any of the options you mentioned. They can give you exactly what you’re after. To my ears you won’t get that fullness with tin t2.
CCA is to KZ as Chevrolet is to GMC. More or less the same models, shell, drivers and design but are tuned differently.
As l wrote above… l have been using the zs10pro and c10 since last may. They are very very similer.
I stand with what l already wrote… for long term listening the cca is more forgiving. Zs10pro has a more bass…midbass emphasis and is more sensitive meaning it is overall louder and punchier but also more intense and tiring. The zsx is on it’s way to me…l hear its an even more intense version of zs10pro. Cca has a c12 model which is equivalent of the zsx and comparisons are on youtube. Seems that kz are more intense and cca are more relaxed. Cca is almost always cheaper than kz. And l actually prefer their design visually.
So… ; ]

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You also might want to look at the Blon 03. It has been getting some very good reviews. Under 40 bucks.


I have the ZSX for about a week and they’re pretty good!
Depth is the key word for these as compared to the zs10pro and c10 ; ]
They represent the music in a less flat way than those… they make it so instruments are even more separated and the stage is deeper - very very cool and to my liking ; ]
And though bass is big and full similarly to zs10pro the transition to mid bass and mids is done more tastefuly and less tiring to my ears. And colors the mids less which is a great advantage for me personally . Very nice V or U signature. The C10 is “flatter” and might be more useful for me when playing on stage. l like all 3