Audeze LCD-1 (New Portable Audeze)

Seems pretty interesting, a new portable audeze at a decent price, and also they claim it’s good for mixing and mastering

Here is a metal review


Ugh… That actually does look nice :expressionless:

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Pretty sure the main competitor of this headphone would be the sundara and the m570, but with different tuning

It’s nice to see Audeze present a product in the entry level…give HFM some competition.

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I can’t say I’ve heard metal571 go on about how good a pair of headphones are.

I’m also curious to see how this release affects the M570’s, being the price is so similar.

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Well, also the fact that he has never reviewed the sendy, sundara, m570 is something to take note of, along with his strong preference for a certain sound signature. That being said I do trust what he says somewhat that they are probably pretty good headphones


yeh…that he tunes every headphone to a certain sound profile with EQ kinda ruins the validity of his reviews as they’re based on virtual sound, not real sound.

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That’s not true, he just has a clear preference, I don’t think that makes his reviews worse or invalidates them lol. The whole goal is enjoyment, and if he can tune headphones so he can enjoy them, I don’t see why he shouldn’t. He fully discloses it and even includes his settings in the description for people to try out

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perhaps my words were too strong…but it calls into question his thoughts, in my opinion. is he speaking of their raw performance or their EQ’d performance? it’s not always obvious.

Agree with Marzipan if he try’s to Harman curve every headphone then why bother?..A good hobby but the same kinda outcome…a change is as good as a rest, vive la difference etc?

I guess, but it’s still his option that’s being presented, he does not claim anything to be absolute. A sound review is subjective by nature and it depends on the person. You don’t have to watch his reviews, but someone might have similar tastes as him and find it very helpful. He is more of a technical person then someone like z, and some may not enjoy that

I totally agree mate… not having a go but that’s the exact reason why I stopped watching him lol…:sleeping:

Yes – Metal571 absolutely forms his opinions based on un-EQ’d listening … and presents an extremely detailed critique of any frequency response departures from neutral. Just like Resolve and Max Settings. In addition, he adds a brief segment about how a headphone responds to EQ with details re the EQ corrections it takes to correct the headphone’s worst FR flaws for those who wish to do so.

OTOH, his bias that you have to be aware of is his extreme preference for highly recessed upper mids (and non-elevated treble). This has been an evolving thing from his earliest reviews and he is very up-front about it, especially in his latest reviews.


saw his review on the way home and was laughing out loud. After the AKG this is a hf he finally liked!

this one seems to be a very interesting one
The only LCD I liked so far was the 3.

Huh, the only lcd I wasn’t the fondest of was the 3 and actually the 4z

they all are not my cup of tee
prefered the 3’s mids over the LCD 2’s from what I remember

I actually preferred the mids on the LCD 2.2 over the regular fazored 2

I think my headphones sound different still even after eqed. Not as much, but still some. EQ only goes so far. But if he is going to eq, then he should do a 2 part review of before and after. Just my thoughts. But the headphones do look very appealing.

Yeah, I personally don’t use eq for music enjoyment at all, but I know some people who really like it. But it can only go so far

To EQ to best effect:

  1. Start with best raw measurements you can find
  2. Compensate the raw data to your preferred target curve
  3. Invert resulting values
  4. Use step 3 results to create an EQ using as many bands as needed to achieve a close match
  5. Tweak result by ear comparing to a tone generator.

Works just fine for me, lol. Caveat of course is if the compensation needed pushes your headphone into audible distortion.

Am I missing something?