🔷 Aune X8

They are both compatible. Why would you say that the second option is not?

My bad, the “25V” in its name made me think it was way too powerful of a power supply. I see now that it comes with a 9V option.

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I just wonder if it’s any better than the XP2 as they are pretty close in price. The circuit on the XP2 looks pretty simple compared to the LHS.

Can’t compare the two, but I can promise the XP2 is a noticeable upgrade for the X8.

It’s worth noting the Aune manual my XP2 came with asks that you only use the XP2 with 2 products at once (e.g., with an X5S). I used it with the X8 only for a while, and nothing broke. Still, it’s a sweet-sounding stack you can use away from your workspace :smile:

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How is the sound quality compared to Chord Mojo 2?

So Aune X8 XVIII + Sparkos opamp + XP2 power supply vs Mojo 2?

Anyone experience with these?

Does the Aune sound very transparant or neutral/warmish and is decay fluid but impactful?

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I own both of those systems!

The Aune X8, even with the linear power supply, does not compete with the Chord Mojo 2 IMO. However, your collection of headphones may sway my opinion.

If you’ve got an HD800S or Aeon Noire, the Mojo is your choice.

If you’ve got a Sivga Phoenix or DT880 (600 Ohm), the Aune X8 pairs perfectly, especially with the right headphone amp (e.g., Lake People G111).

The Mojo sounds more organic and less digital to me, while the Aune X8 is very good at bringing out the detail in my bass-heavy gear. Both are staples in my setup and I use them both on the daily.