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My question is can you see yourself rocking out with them because the music is moving you and singing around the house with them ect. ect. :smiley:

I use Chu for this

Since getting it, it’s been my “set for whatever”. I keep it in the case of my switch for example, or thrown in my backpack to make sure I have a 3.5mm earphone with decent sound if anything goes wrong. Absolutely can’t fail at the price!

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Yes, for sure. It is less engaging for me meaning it does not ask for your attention constantly, but subconsciously depending on the mood and situation you could start rocking and singing to the music you are listening (it has really good kick for that). It can be an easy listen for that fact and this is cool (e.g I felt asleep in coziness with them in my ears yesterday) :slight_smile:


Just wanna share some of my story. I’m another one that follow HBB and agree with his recommend for many years. I have EJ07 which I quite like so when Kinda lava came out, I almost instantly buy it but… its sound don’t impress me at all. Almost lose my faith in him then the person who buy Kinda lava from me say it’s the best iem he heard at this price range. Also, I buy mest mk2 and I like it a lot so faith restored lol. Waiting to see if Mahina could beat mest mk2 or not😁


Yeah the presentation of the Lava was strongly in the opposite camp for my preferences.

It ruined it for me…

The MEST 2 had the tech and stage and imaging but not the tuning I wanted. That’s what everyone says about it pretty much.

@hawaiibadboy reminder dm :smiling_face_with_tear:

These golden nuggets are more detailed than the Thor MK2 by virtue of the smaller driver and the balanced tuning.

It has great inherent detail but the stock tuning is not inclined to highlight the details that are there.
Simply because it is slightly dipped in the presence region in its stock tuning, it comes across as ever so slightly shouty and “twangy” to me.

It does take well to EQ thankfully so I raise the sub bass by 2 dB and 4-8kHz area by 1,5dB to get it more in line with my preferences.

I think I’m especially sensitive to dips in 7-10kHz area. Too little energy here tend to dull the perception of transient attack which for me takes away much needed and appreciated excitement.

Bass is really snappy and the driver is quick for a DD at this price point.

Driver is capable of bass but I wouldn’t bring up the word basshead. With EQ is can thump some.

If you need at least 1 DD set in your collection, you might as well get this one. You don’t buy DD’s for technicalities.
Does very little wrong with no annoying sound characteristics.

It’s a really good set. Cable is really nice too.


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PSA: It’s time for the semi-monthly ear cleaning! Get that muthafukkin’ wax outta there!

Don’t use Q-tips; use wax disolvant liquid.


That is not how the term is used.
It is completely 100% unrelated to the frequency response range.

the difference between the loudest and quietest sounds. It’s measured in decibels, or dB for short. In a single audio track,**

I don’t care if you like or dislike or otherwise any set including my collabs but please do not completely miss represent well known and defined terms in Acoustic Science that most folks who talk about audio gear already know


That’s dynamics and dynamic range

That’s a frequency graph.

Dynamic range has nothing to do with tuning and everything to do with transducers and the replay (output) of analogue or digital input


Thanks for feedback. Yeah, DD’s are not the res kings

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If you don’t cut short my sentence I explain it with more context:

Dynamics refers to tuning, and how much of the frequency range (20hz to 20Khz) the IEM can cover and how well/smooth it covers it (so no sudden dips and jumps or little jitters). If an IEM is missing a certain part of the musical frequency then naturally it’s also missing all the information in that area. BUT, this doesn’t mean you need the entire frequency since many areas are better off dipped too avoid sibilance (and some regions we can’t even clearly hear), but rather, it’s where the dips occur and how well an IEM transitions from those said dips.

Sudden dips and jumps is the difference between louder and quieter sounds… which is exactly what you said as well.

Sure I agree, but tuning is also a main part since it dictates what the frequency will sound like and where the loudest and quietest parts of the sound frequency are aka dynamics. It won’t matter what kind of transducers if an IEM has huge sudden rises and dips, aka rapid changes in dynamics. You need both.

I get it that you didn’t like the review, but flagging it is a bit much ay bro? Anyways, the KAI is still a stunning set man. Excited for the Mahina :facepunch:

There is no correlation between the freq response and Dynamic range or lack thereof
Frequency response having a dip or spike anywhere is the tuning of the driver is not related to the technical performance (dynamics)
The Graph is like an EQ showing where the driver is giving emphasis or de emphasis.
The dynamics is a performance spec.

A cymbal crash that is less intense to the ear because of a dip in the graph
is not related to dynamics or compression

A cymbal crash that is less intense because the transducer is cheap and has poor dynamics is again… not related to the frequency graph.

You can fuck up great potential with bad tuning, we agree and that is obvious but again

Dynamics refers to tuning…mmmm no.

You just put SEEK REAL in almost every top spot no?

I have gone through several releases with my name on it and not. Some really well known stuff. You get thick skin and get over it.
Thanks for taking the time.
I disagree
I get over it in about the time it takes to eat a sandwich
I always flag multiple posts and Ohmboy can attest to that…wherever that dude is.


Dynamics is the change/difference in volume from the loudness parts to the quietest parts which is affected by the recording–> which the sound can then be affected by the tuning of the IEM through taking away or adding certain parts of the frequency which alters the pre-existing loudest and quietest levels of the track when it finally arrives to your ears. I never said it was only the tuning man :sweat_smile:



You still eating your sandwich? :joy: Anyways bro, wasn’t trying to start anything. Good luck with your releases man, and congrats on the baby.

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? I can like some of your sets and not vibe with your others? Hahahaha what :rofl: I love Olina and Airship but that doesn’t mean I’ll automatically jibe with the others man hahahaha. KAI looks stunning, and I’ll still use it when I want to crank up that volume :+1: Now I’m eyeing the Mahina :eyes:


If you liked em all, that would be weird and make you look like a simp. :+1:

This sandwich is taking a while


Must be a good sandwich ma boi :sandwich: