Best bass heavy headphones for music production

@M0N what is your opinion on Denon AH-D5200s. I can’t decide between Meze 99 Classics and 5200s for a fun casual listening experience. Judging by the frequency response Mezes seem to have more bass (which is what I’m looking for) and 5200s seem to be more balanced. What about sound quality and soundstage do you think there’s a major difference? I’m looking for a fun bassy sound with good sound quality.

I like the d5200, it’s a pretty well rounded headphone, it’s not going to be as bassy as the 99 classics, but it will have tighter bass, more extension with better rumble, and impact that hits much harder imo. But if you are looking for quantity, I don’t know if that would be my first pick. Stage wise it will have sharper imaging, more depth, slightly less width, but more accurate imo. Also generally more technically proficient with better detail retrieval, dynamics, and control

If you could find a used fostex THx00 or TRx00 Purpleheart really can slam, uses a similar foster driver as the denon but with much more prominence. Also if you can find a used campfire cascade that would also be really sweet too.

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So I’ve been researching and I think a Fostex headphone is what I’m looking for my sound preference. Fun, punchy, bassy (krk rokit sound but in headphones). I can get used Fostex TH900s from amazon for 630eu or mk2s for 750eu. Is the only difference between them a detachable cable? Or I could get TH-X00 mahogany for 380eu from ebay. I would prefer to buy from amazon in case I decide to return them. What would your recommendation be? Thank you so much for all your help :).

Yes main only difference is detachable cable. Be warned though that you really would want to heavily invest in a better amp and dac at this point for this level of can, I would not want to go this high off the bat. Also the th900 can be a bit brighter than people are used to

I would go this route first imo, that’s a reasonable price, perhaps offer a bit lower if you can, but to me this is a wiser choice atm

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So, long time (amateur, ie non pro) sound designer and music producer here. Not sure why you’d want a boosted bass headphone for producing, but if you have that much to spend, why not spread it around a few headphones or some decent monitors?

That way you can represent your mix in different ways:

My Shure SRH840s are dull and flat, but good for a mix

My DT770s have good soundstage and piercing (but clear I guess highs) and can reveal some lower frequencies well and good dynamics

My DCA AEON RTs have loads of precise detail (especially in the low end) wide soundstage & speed, but not good dynamics…

And my wired Apple lightning earphones are the ground truth for what most ppl will listen with.

Engineers I’ve worked with and who’s sound I respect always used/suggested HD650s or 6XXs - not because they were perfect, but because they were the least bad option

Good luck!


The 1770s sound like they would be great for you, but just remember to throw out the pads that come on them and swap in the pleather pads that are also included. Night and day difference.

They are also way better than the 770 250 ohms in every single way except price, but you get what you pay for.

PS: Buy a good amp no matter what

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