Best Budget IEM

Que deep insertion… :wink: lol but yea man the ety iems are well regarded so I hope you have a good experience, the price is redonk to so hell of a steal! :slight_smile:

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Actually have a really mediocre pair of mee iems that I got part of a drop blue box (I got the lowest tier) that use the triple flanged ear tips. So I am hoping I am used to it lol.

It surprisingly makes the crappy sounding iem sound decent compared to the pair of regular silicon tips they also included and dekoni foam tips.

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The best budget IEM for me is subjective therefore, so far only 2 IEMs that get in my mind that is worth every penny spent. BLON BL03 is not all hype and bullshit, for the hype surrounding it is really hype worthy, I mean with that price with all around soundgasmic qualities of listening? it’s a freaking steal! Hell even better than my Shure SE215s, and those were pricey.

The 2nd best budget IEM that comes to my mind would be the Tin HiFi T2, those are the ones I use when I just want to chill and relax, neutral sound which is the signature that is my go to. I love the looks of it, to me it looks elegant and with that look? I cannot believe such IEMs exist for that price and yes, it’s better than my freaking Shure SE215s, and it is the reason why I have a couple IEMs today lol.

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Yup, it’s why I was looking at the BLON-01s and the Tin T2 Plus. Small updates to value kings. I still might pick up the BLON-01s honestly. Can never have too many beaters right?

I’ve been reviewing ThieAudio Legacy 3… I’m really liking them a lot. They just have presence…