Blon B20 vs Denon D7000

… that’s Tea… you drink it. Look up Yerba Mate.

It looks like you went into the backyard and crumbled a bunch of leaves. threw them into a cup. =P

Congrats, your comment is offensive to many Germans and half of the South American continent. Just stop talking now.

As a matter of fact, I do have a Dark Voice amp I bought 3 or 4 years ago. Didn’t like it at all. I don’t know, I’m a failed musician so I have some gear and what is called “tube roll off” is like changing underwears to me. I have a ton of 6L6GC valves, NOS and Chinese. I like to keep them where they matter most to me… my guitar amps. Yea, know it’s a matter of taste. Like I sold one of my mesa boogie V heads for a lot of rack equipment…

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The Mesa Boogie had such good distortion if a little dry if set up improperly. Always enjoyed the tone over the classic Marshall stacks.

I’m Brazilian but all 4 of my grand/mother/fathers are Spanish… I’ll grab a beer! (Here in Portuguese and Spanish Land we’ve allways had nouns for he and she…)

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It’s a toss for me. Being a 80’s child / 90’s teen with cousins older than me teaching what’s right and wrong…

I’d pick a JCM800 given the "lone island"choice.

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Anyone care to listen to this song: “You’ve Got to Have Freedom”?

I love love Pharoah Sanders music. That one is meant to annoy, that’s the point. Few speakers can resolve in a good way the sax in the beggining and during the song and the hi hats at the same time. My Elacs can… sort of. The D7000 can (sort of) but that comes at a price. These headphones give an illusion of detail, it’s hard to explain. I think anyone who’ve listened to the Fostex 900 can relate I think. It isn’t the highs alone… It isn’t neatpiking. It’s very important to the music I listen to. There’s a wall of sound but if you can’t discern the drums, all of it, it’s pointless. I play this kind of music, I go to gigs playing this music and it’s so frustrating it can’t be reproduced with all its’ power…

your profile pic was so iconic it will be missed. btw what happened to antpage1?

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I used to use music artists for my profile pics. One of the bands i’m into. This one here is Devo. been listening to their music on Amazon. A lot of their albums have been remastered.

Antpage1 is long gone lol. Hotmail put him to rest when i took too long to log in back in the day.

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