Budget best buy DAC around 100$

Hello, I’m in the market for buying a DAC and some monitors. I’ve settled on some Adam T5V or MR624 but I also would like a DAC. From research I stumbled upon the D10. Are there any other good DAC worth the money ?

There is the upcoming topping e30 which looks pretty nice, the d10 is a solid pick (as long as it’s a legit one). The smsl m100 is pretty great for the price. I think the zen dac is nice, although warmer colored than the other dacs (but also has a pre out and balanced so that’s cool).

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For this price it’s else Topping D10 or Khadas Tone Board. If you want a DAC in nice metal box then definitely D10. If you want to go for best performance and you don’t even mind exposed board laying on your table… Khadas Tone Board.

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Thank you, I’ll decide between the E30 and D10+Big Knob Passive.

Topping E30 is the latest DAC launched this week

I would wait on an ol dac, apparently jds labs have a matching atom dac that should be pretty sweet in the works (apparently)


Have you received your E30 yet?

I have some quick impressions for once since I figured people will ask from this post and a few more below it

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Thanx MON, missed that one

A year ago I emailed JDS inquiring about any used stock and they sold me an OL DAC w/ optical for $70 that had been a return. Original buyer claimed it wasn’t working but they tested and everything is fine, and gave me the 2 year warranty. So if you’re looking for a bargain on a good DAC sometimes emailing US vendors like JDS or Schiit might yield a good deal, even warrantied.

Gonna be an awesome DAC in an ugly plastic case! Lol

Lol at least it will stack nicely (hopefully)

+1 D10 I threw a burson v5i-d in mine and it’s hard to find much wrong with it. I found it to be nicer than a D30.

Yes, the V5i really does some things right, I can only agree.
Had it in the Fostex Hp A3 and then it was audibly different.More details, a little more bass, better mids, the finish was also a little better.
In terms of price performance, it is a good op amp. The 627 also does a lot of things right.
I still gave the Fostex here, and kept it op amp, if you can get something similar again. My plan is to get a Questyle cma400 i. I also tested the Vivid V6 but didn’t find it so great, for jazz and classical but not for the rest, I thought it was too discolored.
But I think it depends a lot on the device, because I had read the opposite again. From the balance, the Op627 and the V5i are an increase if a 2134 is installed, although the Sparkos are certainly a little bit better.