DAC/AMP for DT880 600 Ohm

So if you are using windows you can set your sample rate and bit depth in the audio settings, but it typically won’t change unless you are using music playing software where you can enable either asio or wasapi

The settings are in the midi preferences on Mac (god knows why)

Tried playing a 24bit 96kHz Flac via foobar2000 with asio and sure enough, changes the sample rate :ok_hand:, one last thing, any recomendation for the Default sample rate? Currently using 32bit 44.1kHz ( just because that was the default)

So to be safe, I would set it to 24 bit 96 khz because some applications have issues when your dac is set to 32 bit (also it’s not like you will really use 32 bit anyways)


Chervol, did you end up purchasing a ModMic and have you worked it in with your system yet? If so, what did you end up getting and how has your experience been?

I have almost settled on a pair of DT 1990 PROs for competitive FPS gaming (unless I can be persuaded otherwise), but I’m struggling with a suitable DAC and AMP for them. I would appreciate some help.

From what I’ve read, the Atom, Magni 3+/Heresy and Topping E30 seem like sensible options. I quite like the idea of a combined DAC/AMP for the sake of tidiness and simplicity, although it’s not a deal breaker, so the Element II (currently top of my list) and Fiio K5 Pro looked pretty appealing. The combined offerings from Topping also looked interesting (DX3, DX7s), but I haven’t seen them mentioned often.

I was intending to spend under $500 for the DAC and AMP.

I mean personally I would go with a liquid spark and a dac like the earmen donald or e30 imo, that will reduce harshness on the 1990 but still maintain gaming performance.

I think for an all in one you would be spending more than needed, but the element ii is very solid, or you could look for a used element 1. Another great all in one is the asgard 3 with the multibit module but it is pretty large

Would the Element II or Asgard 3 reduce the harshness and/or maintain gaming performance? Which would be your preference? Those are top of my list at the moment, unless you feel strongly that a separate DAC and AMP will perform much better.

I’m comfortable with spending slightly more than I need to as long as it’s worth it in terms of quality or convenience.

Hmmmm I like both lol, if I wanted to reduce the most harshness the Asgard 3 with the multibit is where I would go, but the element ii isn’t going to be that harsh either

I’ve ordered the DT 1990 PROs and an Element II. I should hopefully have them sometime next week and then I’ll let you know how I find them. Thank you for the advice!


Sorry, it’s been a long time since I logged in here, probably a bit late to respond, but no, sadly I had some huge spenses last month and I haven’t tried the ModMic with these cans yet. I have to buy them first :sweat_smile: