Discussion thread on THIEAUDIO HYPE 2/4/10...; THIEAUDIO Prestige LTD/OG and other interesting IEMs


It seems to me that the Prestige series is very underrated. Some people were not impressed with the Prestige OG. I’m not impressed with their reviews where they use badly mastered 60’s bands to make a technical assessment! :metal: :heart_on_fire: :fire: :blush:


I’m not much of a reviewer, but so far I find the Prestige LTD to be the most natural and tonally correct Thieaudio IEM I have tried. I’m not sure what they have as far as a particular “X Factor” that makes them stand out, so much as they are just really good across the board. I will say that going immediately from them to Storm makes Storm sound a bit more “dulled” or dark off the bat, but over time my ears adjust either way (and Storm wins on techs and timbre over time). I currently have my pair on tour, so hopefully people can drop some impressions in here over time (as most of them are FAR more descriptive and eloquent in relaying their experiences than I could ever be).
As far as the Hype 2 goes, I look forward to seeing if it lives up to its name or not hahaha.


I had read somewhere that the HYPE2 had a very muddy bass, but I don’t know, I don’t believe much in such statements until I have the opinion of capable reviewers. If you have a Prestige LTD, we would be happy to hear more details about it, no need for many words. :slightly_smiling_face:


Isn’t is supposed to have the same isobaric bass system as Monarch 3? I’ve heard nothing but praise for monarch 3’s bass.

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Same system, but not necessarily the same drivers. One can hope, of course. Still waiting for reviews before pulling the trigger on it myself


The drives are different I guess. The system may be the same. FR is also different.

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hype2 is literally a toned down oracle mk2, around 1 db less ear gain and less mid treble.


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edit, elise audios coupler undermeasures 1k to 6 k area compared to other couplers, so keep that in mind.
more graphs of new thieaudio series compared to the last gens thie series from another grapher.

monarch mk3 vs prestige ltd, looks almost the same but the 4k to 6k regions are more boosted on the monarch, idk how most people will feel about it though.

prestige ltd vs prestige, looks like the 11k peak is gone on the ltd and the 1k to 4k regions also 8k are reduced by 1.5 db

monarch mk2 vs mk3, it sounds much warmer and more v shaped than the mk2 that was almost dead neutral, way more bass and way more treble. they were like we give 0 fucks now get max treble and bass .

hype2 vs oracle mk2, it basically a more neutral oracle mk2 that had that artificial upper treble boost but the bass is more warm here so idk, the subbass on oracle mk2 sometimes is too much for me actually. i would say they trade blow depending on your taste.

hype 2 vs monarch mk3, the hype 2 is done flatter in 1k to 3k regions and got more neutral upper treble. 300 dollars set is now tuned more “professionally” than their 1k series that was famous for that neutral tonality.

monarch mk3, prestige lts and v16. again they went with more bass and way more treble. they share the same boosted and warm 1k to 3k regions aka that “mid forward” sound though.

they overall went more vshaped and bassier than before, it seems that they went with the “more bass strat” to deal with the boosted upper treble complains they got on the oracle mk2 and prestige.



go to track 11
hype2 sounds more dynamic and louder compared to other tribrids like monarch, prestige and oracle series. it makes their sound kinda dampened and quieter when you a/b, maybe the low sens ests are the blame here idk.

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i dont have any of the thieaudio series. :pensive: :neutral_face:

no i mean comparing them to other tribrid sound demos by him, open 3 tabs and ab the same song.

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Here is a quick impression of the Hype 2 I posted in a discord

so quick one hour impressions. I have only heard the Monarch MKI and I get some serious flashbacks except it fixes my biggest issues with that set which was the thinness and weaker bass hits. I know that is also what the MKII fixes so I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that these two (Monarch MKII and Hype 2) are very similar.

It definitely has clean mids with a little bit of weight. These straddle the line between thin and warm very well. String instruments like violins and guitars have good bite and body and vocals come through natural without being forward. Male vocals especially have good weight and huskiness to them. Female vocals can get a bit strident but you may be able to mitigate that with different tips. Stage is not particularly big imo, while I wouldn’t say its intimate, its everything seems straight in front with not much depth and Im using Tri Clarions with it.

Bass is also interesting. While its definitely elevated and has good texture I have been moving away from boomy bass to a tighter bass experience. The bass here comes off almost as poofy to me compared to Aure which has a bouncy, more tactile bass.

Overall I think they are impressive for the money if the Thieaudio house sound resonates with you but for me there isn’t really the same magic when I listen to them like I get with the Aure.


oh okay sure
thank you for clearing it. :grinning:

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The mids and bass sound a little more rounded to me with the HYPE2, with the Mon MK3 they sound a little more clinical. I think the sub-bass is a bit more pronounced with Mon MK3. From what I could hear after a short A/B I like the HYPE2 better! :slightly_smiling_face: