Discussion thread on THIEAUDIO HYPE 2/4/10...; THIEAUDIO Prestige LTD/OG and other interesting IEMs

fair enough, thanks for the link very interesting.

That’s such bonkers level stupid I can’t even begin to do it.

I happen to be on the opposite spectrum. Unwilling to spend more than 50 bucks on a new cable for my Mext lol

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I’m looking at this and all I can tell is that I need to hear both lol



Aehta :ok_hand: :hammer:


14 BA, no, thanks again :nerd_face:


Yep, Natural is quite a tricky adjective/descriptor. When a bass can sound like this:

And this:

And this:

And then here is an exposition on the Fender Jazz bass alone:


What is a natural bass sound? What is a natural sound?


7 for each ear

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PENON VOLTAGE Flagship Audiophile In-ear Monitor

4 Sonion Electrostatic+4 Sonion Balanced Armature+2DD hybrid with 2 Tuning Switches

4 x Sonion Electrostatic for ultra- high frequency

2 x Sonion Balanced Armature for high frequency

2 x Sonion Balanced Armature for middle frequency

2 x 8mm dynamic driver for low frequency

4-way crossover,4 tubes

Tuning mode:

12: High Frequency & Low Frequency Enhancement

10: Low Frequency Enhancement

02: High Frequency Enhancement

00: Original mode




I posted in penon thread in HF but I’ll post what I said in here too:

I do have to wonder why bother putting EST’s in let alone four when there’s a lack of treble extension and significant roll off after 10k.

Before anyone says the EST’s also affect the lower treble etc, Penon’s own specs of the Voltage confirm and clarify that the EST’s are there for the “ultra high frequencies” - which wouldn’t be below 10khz.

You’re not going to be hearing anything that those EST’s are producing.

I feel companies are just sticking in more drivers unnecessarily, just to flex the specs when they’re completely unnecessary.


In fact, I’ve also noticed that some kits with ESTs don’t have what is claimed from this driver.
That’s why I’m going to build my kit with a 7mm EST driver, and test it to see if it’s better than other ESTs. Here is the manufacturer’s claimed graph.


The Kinera Imperial Verdandi was like that if there are EST in there it was hard to hear with the top end rolled off.

I know soneome who already provided feedback to Penon with that concern for the Voltage ,I was hoping that would have been addressed?

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The Sonion ESTs (electrets actually) are infamous for having very low SPL so it is hard to get them to do much. Its a part of their design, intentional or not I dunno.

I assume this is not the Sonion “EST”? Perhaps more of a magnetostat like the Earbridge driver?


My mmk3 uses 2 of those somion EST’s but has some decent treble extension to showcase them.

I just don’t know what the point is in some companies releasing iem’s such a penon with the voltage with 4 when everything above 10k is rolled off anyway and you won’t hear it?

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Thieaudio is known to have one of the best implementation of those drivers.

A lot of companies use these drivers for marketing, a tribrid vs hybrid at the same price but with those Sonion ESTs vs Knowles/Sonion BA, which sounds more valuable to you?


I think that’s exactly what it is too.

I think they’re just adding them for the marketing hype and specs flex. I don’t think they’re actually benefiting the tuning or sound especially with roll offs like the voltage.

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With that little gain, yeah, it is pretty much doing nothing.