DT770 80ohm DAC/AMP

Just upgraded from the CB1 to the Dt770 80ohm recently and i feel that I’m not getting the full juice just with the onboard audio from my lappie (they do get loud tho), and definitely not with my phone, sounds weak af (muuch better on the laptop tho).

Is the Xduoo xd-05 basic a good pair? And also to future proof, just is case i decide to slap my broken wallet a lil more… Would the Dt 880 600ohm be comfortable with that dac/amp? Just curious…

And regarding the upgrade, i can tell the improvements in sound quality, they are definitely less “fun”, and have less soundstage, and in some tracks where the vocals aren’t the main thing, they do feel a bit pushed to the back, but every detail and low end definitely feels more professional. They don’t fit as nicely with film soundtracks tho, probably due to their closed up nature.
I listen to mostly drum&bass and some edm btw.

Are you talking about 770s?

Yes (but take what i say with a grain of salt since I’m a bit noobish when it comes to this). I’m actually thinking in replacing them for the 250ohm (people say it’s more refined than the 80ohm, and since I’m in the midst of getting an amp i might as well just step up to the 250ohm).
The Fiio k5 pro is what I’m looking at, and it will future proof in case i decide to get something else later on.

The DT1990 seems interesting to me too and it also pairs well with this Fiio so that’s why that amp is at the top of my list rn, again… future proofing…

BUT would you say that the Xduoo xd-05 basic is a nice fit with these beyers? It’s 80€ cheaper than the Fiio and definitely more portable…

Most of the people hate 770s 250 ohm for a reason the treble seems like it’s harsher than the 990 that is an open back so yeah that doesn’t sound good.
You should check wheezy review and see what he saying about the 2 versions he’s reviews are always on point based on the headphones that I own and owned that he reviewed.
Can’t say about ur dac Amp but if you gonna stop at 300 ohm headphones k5 or ifi zen are probably your best options.

Thanks for your input! But yeah… A lot of people prefer one over the other and vice versa… Gonna check those reviews you’re talking about tho.