Excellent deal - Shure SE846-SE + IFI xDSD Gryphon 5 month old with receipts and warantee 2 years

Hello everyone,

Nice to be part of this community i just found out.

I am based in Cyprus EU the equipment is preetty light so shipping via protected DHL,FEDEX etc priority would be cheap and this is a great deal i believe.

Please see below:

IFI xDSD Gryphon 4 month old with 2 year warantee bought from with receipt and warantee.

Excellent condition with all accessories.

Reason for change bought Topping A90SE and D90.

Been used a dozen of times.

Receipt and everything included.

Price is 330 euro only. It was bought from wifimedia.eu where i have all receipts. Was bought 599 euro.

Selling Shure SE846-CL bought 5 months (still warantee 1.5 years) ago with all accessories + Spinfit CP800 ear plugs small, medium and large.

This is from official Shure: "Hi Yiannis,

You have our the best wired earphone solution - SE846-CL-EFS model."

These IEM’s have been used a maximum of 20 times and i have attached all receipts. They were bought on the 28 of January for 790 euro (i have attached my credit card charge) without counting in the spin fits.

Reason for selling them is that i also bought the LSA-HP2 ULTRA and i barely use them and instead of having them sit there i want to sell them to invest in a better amp.

That is the final price as i believe its an excellent price for what is offered.

I am also selling IFI xDSD Gryphon portable amp 6 months old. If anyone wants a price together let me know.

Thank you everyone,

The price for the Shure is 340 without shipping (shipping anywhere worldwide express insured wouldnt cost more than 20-40 depending on country) euro also as you can attached is the receipt i bought them 790 that was with a 15% discount. They are registested with Shure website also they have anything you need.

If anyone is interested on buying both i am willing to sell them 620 which i believe is a fantastic buy. The reasons are exactly as mentioned i have upgraded my system i also have the qudelix for portable and just seeing the Shure and the Gryphon sitting there is sad someone can enjoy them cause it is an amazing sounding amp/dac and amazing IEMs. I also have extra pair of the nozzles. I have 2 black ones, 2 white ones and 1 blue.

If anyone is interested you can contact me via whatsapp or call me at +35799846276 - Thanks


HI and welcome to hifiguides!

Just to inform you, we have a thread specifically for this sort of thing:

Good Luck on your sale and happy listening!

oh i apologize for that. nice to be here, thank you

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Shame to hear you’re selling it but that’s a really solid deal!

thanks man im sad to be honest to give them but im sadder watching them sit do nothing. I just go the topping d90se dac together with the a90 amp, i realizeed i cant handle IEMs many hours also, got the lsa hp1 and hp2 if you know them and for IEMs i got the timelezz 7hz and for portable amp i have qudelix also.
So i felt sorry just looking at these two cause they are truly amazing both.