🔷 Focal Bathys ANC

Well bathys showed up today DOA. Sounds like a mic is out of adjustment because it just rings…not impressed with focal as this is the second headphone that I’ve owned from them that has arrived DOA, first one was an Elex.

Damn that sucks, wonder how that happened. Hopefully you can get a replacement or refund easily

Hopefully, audio 46 sounds like they will help me out but the thing that sucks is it takes a month to get mail. So sending it back could take a month and then another month for the new one to get to me.

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Had the exact same issue. It was LOUD. RMA’d it and got a good unit delivered on Friday. For such a premium looking and sounding headphone brand, their QA sucks!

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Focal Bathys Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling HiFi Wireless Headphones

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Happy New Year!

Bowers & Wilkins Px8 Wireless ANC Headphones vs. Focal Bathys HiFi Bluetooth ANC Headphones!

Well it’s been months and I finally live somewhere that I can ship electronics and batteries in the mail. Today I got my new bathys RMA’d from audio46. I cannot say enough good things about the audio46 crew and their willingness to help me out months after I bought the original set.

Now it’s only been a couple hours but dang these are on the road to being the best sounding BT/ANC headphones I’ve heard.

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It has been a few months since these came out, are you still impressed with them?

As a BT headphone absolutely, they are great and still the best I’ve heard. I will always caution though that focal qc blows and I was lucky enough that audio 46 helped me out with an exchange when the headphone arrived to me doa.

Sorry for the late reply, and thanks for yours! Yes, I feel like I dodged a bullet by getting the Celestee instead and having no issues so far [knock on wood]. I thought about getting another, but living in Asia there is no official place here to go for after service.

This might explain why the Bathys’ price has been slashed by about 300USD so far here, which only knocked off the tariffs that were applied on top the original price; yet still they aren’t selling very well.

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