🔷 Focal Radiance

Thank you for that.

I was thinking about a tube amp when I got the Radiance and was advised this very thing. I can attest to your statement as well about the power requirements. Even on my Jotunheim2 I found the balanced output to almost be too much power for the Radiance and I prefer to listen to it on the SE. Again, this is my taste, but I did like having more flexibility with volume play on SE vs balanced.

I have the LP on my wishlist and waiting for it to hit another great sale before I buy. Although, I chose that amp because I don’t want to just buy a tube for 1 HP and I have read the LP pairs nicely with many other HP’s.

I actually read through your thoroughly detailed review of the Mk2 on the equipment forums. Your description of taking the edge off and smoothening out the Elegia was a factor I found pleasant to hear. I already find the Radiance smooth and laid back, I figured a tube would increase those attributes even more. I have been eyeing the cayin for quite some time. I’m not sure if the impedance of the Elegia is the same of the Radiance, but they are both relatively low z cans, plus I really thought the versatility of a multiple impedance output selection on the Mk2 to be very useful. But I will take your advise into account and probably look for a solid hybrid. I do intend to at some point in my headphone journey to own either a ZMF Auteur or their new replacement. As I hear those are wonderful on OTLs.

My Elegia’s and Elex’s sound Wonderful on my Little Dot MK9.
And you can tube roll happily and hear the differences. I didn’t hear a lot of difference’s on most tubes amps that I have owned and rolled.

Let us know what you land on. Amp and Sound makes brilliant sounding stuff if you have the budget for it.

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