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First Impressions of SeeAudio Yume II

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So at the end of 2022, there was a little kerfluffle between Aful Performer5 and SeeAudio Yume II about what was a better $200(ish) hybrid. P5 got all the hype and Yume II was a little left behind.

I’ve recently had both in my ears and I can tell you something: they’re like 85ish% the same. They both have a great midrange, pretty freaking good technicalities at the price point, and overall I can’t say either is bad. But, there are definitely battle lines to be drawn between the two. To wit…


  • Yume II is a more energetic and engaging set than P5, on account of having that bit more upper midrange and treble energy
  • It’s a direct hybrid upgrade on the $20-50 budget sets of ‘22. This is a safe step up if you want to try a hybrid
  • Technicalities are good


  • P5s balanced neutral sound is preferable if you like a full bass. They graph similar but Yume sounds like the midbass is cut too far (unless you use a midbass emphasizing tip. Boosting the sub-bass isn’t enough to offset the sound)
  • TRI Starsea still does this signature better than Yume with less jumping through hoops on sound quality (but it’s own hoops to jump through with pressure buildup)

Overall, P5 vs. Yume II is a ideological choice: P5 fans will say it’s balanced and neutral while Yume is too energetic and pushy. Yume II fans will say it’s more fun and engaging while P5 is too boring and missing “soul”.

Yume II certainly is a choice… :man_shrugging:t5:


I can’t delete this because booo, so words…

And vs ea500? Just to be sure…

Considering yume II was $150 at some point, that makes it better value, then. I was surprised when I saw it at $200 during these sales.


I’m not going to compare to EA500 cause I don’t have it with me at the moment, and my mental bias is to EA500. But Yume didn’t make me feel like I’d take it over EA500, just on pure sound quality.

Yume II is more fair at $150, but it doesn’t move the needle for me honestly.


My Impressions of TANGZU x SeeAudio Shimin Li Encounter

It is firmly in the “it’s fine” category. I’m not going to be recommending it but I wouldn’t tell you that you shouldn’t buy it either.


  • It’s a complete upgrade on OG Shimin Li in the treble. They really didn’t touch anything else in the frequency but the improved treble makes this viable and should’ve always been the version TANGZU released
  • Bass is sneaky potent. It graphs the same as Yume II and it stomps Yume. Note weight and warmth is much better as well. Now, I’m wondering about that DD in the Yume II…
  • If you want an energetic upper midrange, this does it pretty well: people that killed KBear Storm might find this a more successful implementation of an emphasized upper midrange
  • Overall, it’s a fun, energetic V-shape tuning done well, if that’s your jam
  • If you’re a SeeAudio or TANGZU fan and want to show monetary support, it’s not a total waste of your money


  • People that killed KBear Storm for being too forward and/or harsh likely will have the same feeling about this. It can be jarring to switch from something with a more relaxed upper midrange, and it has to be a signature you’re looking for
  • Midcentric tuning, this is not. If you prefer control throughout the signature, this isn’t your set
  • Technicalities and soundstage aren’t anything special
  • This is the set that should’ve been dropped last year, to get any real traction. This doesn’t move the market at all, and it’s a hard sell versus sets cheaper or slightly more expensive. I don’t see the place in the market for this really

I think this falls into the category of a few sets that have come out in 2023 that are perfectly fine but don’t do anything recent sets can’t do as well or better. This isn’t better than most of the major budget players, I think it falls short of Kinera Celeste Gumiho in direct A/B (to my tastes), and I wouldn’t touch this over EA500 in the price vicinity.

Unless you have your own personal reasons to grab this, I’d pass.


Nice - saved me some effort from making a vid on it LOL - EA500 still chilling :sunglasses:… for now


Just ordered the KBear Rosefinch for £18 - let’s see how they compare to the QKZ x HBB which are my favourite cheapie set