Headphone advice please helpp

Hello, I’ve recently purchased a the Beyerdynamic DT 1770 pros. I use an o2 dac/amp which connects to my computer via usb. The left side is substantially louder than the right? I do not run any software on my computer or have any mods, these are brand new headphones. when i swap ears with the headphones its clear the L side is louder. I’ve checked with another pair of headphones and its not the amp/dac or computer. The sound is even when I adjust the balance on my computer to 50 L and 100 R ( this can’t be normal) 100L 100R should be even. Please help as this is crazy to me due to being newer to all this.
Thanks in advance.

That does sound like a defective unit :worried: Happens rarely but does happen. Where did you buy them from? I would get in contact and see if you can get an exchange or refund.

i purchased them directly from beyerdynamic NA

That’s good. I would think it shouldn’t be hard at all for them to send you a replacement unit then. Good luck!