Headphones for Console gaming only

need to check out Head-fi then, didnt know many sites and forums about those topics existed.

They are like 210$ with the Mixamp, but i think i will hold off for now and rather save up as i would buy the Astros only because they are the easiest solution… i think i will regret it in the long run, therefore what headphones + mic and dac/amp combos could you honestly recommend that wouldnt be overkill for gaming only?

Some friends of mine recommended me the Apple USB C to AUX Adapter as a basic DAC and i happen to have one, would it be “enough” as in power some Headphones or will it be only a half asses solution? :sweat_smile:

Im completely new to Audio, i do lots of research but whenever i start researching theres that rabbit hole i dig into and then you are like looking at 1000$+ Headphones and whatnot which is way too much :sweat_smile: :joy:

But then again im not expert as what is considered good for gaming and what isnt.

One last thing… im technically quite a bit skilled and was wondering, would it be a good idea to basically mod the TYGR 300R to having a Headphone Jack instead of the fixed cable? Like will i be able to buy the Vmoda or whatever and plug it in and have my own DIY Headset or is it not worth it?

I can get the TYGR for like 140$ here which isnt that expensive and i would only need a good Dac and amp + the Microphone which should be good enough for a couple of years if im correct?

it works… sometimes. Definitely half assed solution though.

I dont really consider myself an expert at it… just knowledgable

That is also an option and others have done this using the v moda just fine… there are some on sites like etsy that even offer this modification as a paid service

tygr doesn’t particularly need a strong dac amp but it can help. If you go with the tygr you should be fine for quite some time

Do you know by any chance if there is a way to get that Apple DAC working on my PC which has only USB A Ports?
I have heard female usb c to male usb a is breaking the specs but im unsure as i would like to try it out but dont wanna damage anything.

Thats what i saw too and it isnt that expensive tbh but i can also do it myself whichever is the least hassle, as long as its possible im glad.

But if i want to get one which is a dac + amp combo you would recommend me?
Since the TYGR is only 32 Ohm i dont need a strong one as ive read it can cause some noise to be present and i wanna avoid that.

just need a convertor most likely. Just to note, some have noted to me that the apple dac can allow usage of the tygr 300r… though I can say its not particularly strong enough… only passable

yep definitely possible. Many people mod the beyers tygr included.

Noise? maybe if your putting too much voltage… you control that by the amps knob. You should always use the amp/dacs volume knob as your master volume with windows volume at maximum otherwise you run the risk of blowing the headphone from too much power.

as for a dac/amp? depends on what your wanting out of it. Future proof? in other words something that can drive future headphones that may require more from you later, what budget would you want to spend on it? lastly gaming quality or sound quality… some units are good for gaming but arent the best in terms of sound

Thats what i was looking at but i read online that those are “breaking” the specs as its not meant to be that way? Dont want to damage my stuff since i would like to use the dac on non usb c devices too but now im unsure

Noise as in static noise, because i used a usb soundcard and it wasnt meant for lower ohm devices because it causes so much static noise its unbearable… granted it was a cheap one but it had good ratings and i didnt think much of it and it had no knobs or anything it just plugged into the usb port.

well you are the gamer here so i might ask you for your opinion :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
As i will probably stick to console gaming only for a while and need a dac + amp for the console.

Also now that im almost certain what i will buy im curious as in case i wont like the Beyers or the TYGR which Headphones i can try too that are as good for gaming?

wait… I am??? holy hell someone alert the media!

Ex - pro. I was gaming professionally and started way the hell back when things like game battles back on halo 2 were just getting started lol. Played a lot of quake, halo, cod, and battlefield. Still play these days, just extremely casual. Still damn good at playing though. My KDA is usually top of scoreboard or atleast 2nd place top of score board each match… think on average I manage based on game around 4 kills per life(thats like lesser average in high level play ranked) less its tarkov of which im still learning the maps and stuff on there. Or like cod and halo where I can just go on a straight rampage no problem… cant wait for halo infinite

ah, yeah. No worries on doing that though… before I gave my tygrs up I would power them to my asgard 3 which has way too much power to be needed lol. I had the liquid plat too but it makes them too warm. Regardless, as long as you have the right settings you wont damage them at all… I can assure you that… I had no issues

alot of the cheaper units will do this. Make sure the settings are right and you shouldn’t have this issue. The dac is supposed to clean up any potential noise like that to begin with.

Depends on what you dont like. Its hard for me to really help people pin something down if they don’t know what they prefer or dont like you know? However, if we take the most common complaint of the beyers which is treble then something like Sennheiser will work fine… if however that doesn’t cut it… hmm, probably at that point would be the AD series from audio technica, K7 series from AKG, or maybe even the nighthawk carbon if your hella sensitive to treble.

Granted, beyer now has that new headphone out which is making some waves. Extremely damn good headphone that doesn’t need amps and dacs really… but its a bit more expensive. 900 Pro X is a mean headphone in gaming I will give it that.

You have way more knowledge in any of those things thats why im so glad i found this forum and that you are responding to my Questions :pray:

Perfect! I just wanna have them as long as possible since they are my first “Audiohpile” Headphones and wanna keep them for years :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Looked it up on some other forums, far on the google search and found that they apparently paid some of the youtubers and websites to praise it, which i know is nothing new, but its not something that i was expecting since its a smaller brand with a much smaller audience, but well… cant trust anyone i suppose.

Yeah im unfortunately not very invested in all of this, hence i dont know what i want and what not :sweat_smile:

Been using my Apple Earbuds for a while now and thats what i got used to in the end but i know it has to be open back as i tried the MH 751 and i didnt like the feeling you have when you are sealed off. Im in my room when im gaming anyway and dont take my headphones out so i dont need any closed backs at all.
But other than that when i read someone likes it more v shaped or more neutral thats where it gets tricky as i didnt try like 2 Headsets out in my life so i cant tell for certain what i like and what not but i will start with the TYGR in the end its very subjective and i have to start somewhere :smiley:

Will try that too then in case the TYGR disappoints but i highly doubt it.

Now im looking at the whole dac and amp thing and basically many suggest the G6 from Creative but is it actually that good or is it also a hyped up product?

long as you take good care of them they should last plenty long enough, though in headphones that use velour or suede pads you may need to replace the pads after a while since they will flatten and like to grab dirt, grime, sweat, etc.

tygr is a very good starting point and so far from my experience many just stick with it considering how well the performance is.

well its not audiophile levels of sound quality I will say that much, its definitely a more gamer product. Essentially its just there for gamers to make use of headphones of a wide variety. It’s alright for what it is as there isn’t many thing will drive a 600 ohm beyer within just $100 less you buy an amp without its dac and use the pc as a dac but then you run into potentially other issues. Though since this is ps5 your very limited to what will work currently so outside this, the only big option that comes to mind is primarily JDS’s equipment which will sound better but cost you more.

Perfect and i have seen that you can easily swap them out so im more than happy in that regard. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thats what i have already thought, well i will try and see what else i can use on my PS5 since as you have said, im very limited in that regard.

Would not recommend that Though I am curious now…

what makes this the best for gaming? I have used it, it wasn’t remotely impressive… something as simple as mh751 bested this hands down to my ear.

The sound was relatively neutral with slightly recessive in the sub bass, however it felt congested lacking soundstage, and at 9 and 11 o clock there was some issues with its imaging, it was also god awful at verticality placements so other games like apex or halo it suffers. I definitely wouldn’t call the sound quality impressive and would sooner tell someone take a logitech. but it was passable. Though it makes me curious if you have tried alternatives outside of reading recommendations from the typical site of “Top -insert number- best gaming headsets” or something along that.

For now i have ordered them TYGR 300 R since i got it for a good discount here in Europe and will try them out first, granted i probably need a (smaller) amp for it to run properly but i think it will still perform better than the Turtle Beach ones.

This was also the reason why i started digging deeper into all of the Audiophile Community so to speak and get something thats worth their price and im so happy, cant wait for them to arrive next week and i will report back.

Still looking for a decent yet affordable Dac Amp that isnt more expensive then the Headphones themselves :sweat_smile: :joy:

Sorry for my late response but i got the TYGR and they are really good and honestly way better and comfier than i have ever expected them to be!

Thank you so much @Falenkor for your contributions and your Guide :slight_smile:

Only things left are finding a proper Mic for my PS5 and a DAC AMP and im done :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The PS5 Controller does power them really good enough for my usecase but i would try it atleast out how it would sound with an AMP and if there is a difference or not, as i dont listen to high volume im curious if it makes the sound more “fuller” or does it stay as it is?

Other than that ive been looking for either those Clip On Mics or some Desik Mics but im unsure whats more pracitcal as i could power the Headphones + Mic via a dedicated DAC AMP since i doubt the Controller can supply enough for both (might be wrong im unsure) or i could use the TYGRs plugged in and use an USB one.

I checked many out but there isnt an easy answer as to what to get as i dont want to stream or podcast so i just need it for talking and communication during gaming.


cant really verify that since I dont have a ps5 with me but in most cases an amp will help regardless

desk mics will be better than say a clip on or modmic…really depends on budget

Any Amps you can recommend that wont break the bank?
Seen so many but they are more available in the US rather than Europe so other than the Soundblaster im out of luck, but dont wanna pay more for the AMP than i did for my Headphones… :sweat_smile:

Well it depends to be honest. If i can place a desk mic on front of me and dont have to look down in order to understand me properly im down for it.
Didnt to a lot of research on the Desk Mics, mostly on the Clip ons and even they were suprisingly more expensive than i thought, which is a shame but well since Beyerdynamic didnt care to put a Mic on the TYGRs its up to me now…

Soundblaster g6 since new gen console otherwise something from jds but thats probably more expensive.

depends on the mic… some are more sensitive. Most cases long as its set right, itll pick up just fine.

modmics will work fine if you really dont want a desk mic.

Okay then i will stick with the G6, i hope for a black friday sale from creative so i can get it cheaper since its more expensive than the TYGR lol

Its not that i dont want them i just dont want to annoy everyone when im talking because sometimes it can get loud around here and some Mics do pick it up better than others. I mean its either way for me since conveniece wise the Desk Mics are easier to set up just plug and play and the Mod Mic i have to attach on my Headphones or even mod the TYGRs for them to work properly which isnt what im looking for right now.

Any Desk Mics you can recommend for a decent Budget?
Some that properly pick up my voice even if im not looking at them down, because i dont have space for a Mic arm and tbh it would be quite overkill for a couple of hours playing here and there :sweat_smile: