I'm new here - hello everyone :)

Hi there

I came along when searching around for a headphone upgrade.

My little audio journey startet 11 years ago when I took my first paycheck to the local store and bought a set of Heco Victa 600 speakers and an Onkyo A-9155 amp. After that I got to now someone who did DIY audio and helped me build a few speakers - however, I am not that talented I think (had nice 3way active DIY setup though, just looked a bit rough). Since I chose to live in smaller flats I turned more to headhpones. I am pretty much happy with the Audeze LCD-GX that arrived today. My previous headphones were: Shure SRH-840 (2013-2014, didn’t like), Focal Spirit Classic (2014-2017, nice, but not very comfortable) and since 2017 the Hifiman HE-4XX (will go on eBay if I keep the Audezes). A few weeks ago, I got myself the KPH-30i for home office calls and some audiobooks / music. No regrets.

Rest of my stuff, I have a little AV setup on my desk with a Pioneer SX-S30DAB, a Nintendo Switch, an older computer (i5+GTX1060), an AT LP120X for casual vinyl listening and two floorstanding speakers behind my desk (for general purpose, not sound quality). I might add a PS5.

Else: I’m an office worker from the south-western part of Germany and try to live as envoiramentally consious as I can (kind of a hobby itself, I guess). I enjoy good tv shows and anime and gaming (mostly indie games). I also enjey speciality coffee, but don’t drink alcohol.

You will find me in the music section. :slight_smile:



If it is not too much of a hassle, check out Scandinavian Embassy from NL for coffee. Amazing stuff when I took a trip there. Actually, almost all of the specialty coffee scene was amazing in Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam’s coffee shops have an impeccable reputation :laughing:

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Hi Murphy, nice to meet you!

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It’s nice to get an introduction from new members. Welcome!

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Howdie, welcome aboard! Thinking of moving to oregon. You and the rest of HIFIG’s are invited.


Thanks for the warm welcome. ^^

edit: TGIF.