Khadas Tone 2 Pro, is it the budget endgame?

Maybe it’s to early to tell, But the Tone 2 Pro looks really promising on papers. Khadas has answered some questions regarding the balanced RCA jacks, it’s quite interesting.
The huge volume knob is also a big plus. I don’t have any Stereo speaker system yet, so I’m intending to get the Tone 2 Pro solely for an headphone amp. Will it be a good buy for $179?Any Khadas users here ?

Still, Nope.

not recommended for bright headphones and fir those who dont like edgy sharp music.

Review by Soundnews

Review by iiWi Reviews

Anyone here who have tried it? I really want it!:slight_smile:

The more i think about those balanced XLRs the less mad i get. Wether they did that or what Ifi does with the 4.4 out, you still need an adapter or cable that few other devices are going to use/share. At that point im not sure it makes a ton of difference what the adapter actually is.