LakePeople G103-S [unofficial]

This is the unofficial thread for the LakePeople G103-S :stuck_out_tongue:


  • Unbalanced via RCA (-P version is balanced with XLR)

  • Two paralel headphone 1/4

  • Based arround the Texas Instruments LM1876 (only active amplifier component AFAIK)

Impedance Power
16Ω 750mW
50Ω 1130mW
200Ω 940mW
300Ω 850mW
600Ω 530mW

Peak under the hood:


Do you want me to turn this into an official thread?

First Impressions:

  • bigger than expected
  • gets warm
  • so clean (compared to an A-100, HeadAmp4 and Mackie Mix12Fx)
  • the volume knob is “stiff” but super smooth


(kinda, had it only for two weeks now)

The Good:

  • It is a self-contained unit meaning no powerbrick to deal with.

  • Solid aluminium case. The two halves lock together with tongue and groove, so careful to not assemble it incorrectly.
    The screws that attach the top and bottom halves to the end caps are long enough that you could use them to screw the unit to angle brackets when attaching it to a rack-shelf.

  • Can crank it to 3 o’clock before noise gets audible (on Koss PortaPro)

  • Ground-Screw on the back should you need it.

The Bad:

  • It gets warm, as in really warm.
    The heatsink on the amp-chip is nice, without ventilation slots in the case, that just heats up the case. Without “forced airflow” arround it gets more than warm to the touch (measured at 45°C at 22°C room temp after 2 hours powering Audiotechnica M40x) when positioned in a tight rack (which is possible as it should fit on a 1U rack tray).

The Stupid:
(aka: Don’t try this at home)

  • As this amp is based arround an amp-chip that can deliver 15W into 4 Ohm, I had to test…
    Yep, you could use this as speaker amp (which may kill it in the long term, so do NOT do this)

For 240€ you get a clean (visually and audible) compact headphone amp that just does its job. Might be a tad warm leaning.
When used in a small space (rack, etc.), you may want to do forced airflow arround it.


Your call.

Since there is no thread for other Lake People amps, i ask my question here. I got the G109S. Is it a problem to plug two different impedance headphones at the same time? Lets Say the Beyer 880 600 Ohm and the Sennheiser 6XX.
Or the Beyer 8800 600Ohm + Audeze LCD2C