Making a system for my brother

Oh right. Haven’t heard the Yamaha’s myself so I kinda forgot about em. I’ve demo’d the other two though and I like them.

i linked my bro both the m40X and the yamaha and the ZMF store… i told him the specific pads that he would want would depend on what he wants to change with the m40 and yamaha… since i dunno if hed want suede or lambskin or cowhide

I hope he’s not overwhelmed by the options. He may not know what he wants yet lol

btw my bro has stated he doesn’t MIND bass… he just doesn’t want the bass to be overpowering (like how some people with earth shaking bass in a car), and he can get a magni (heresy or 3+)/Atom/Spark

Most people don’t want that. We want to keep our hearing when we reach 30, thanks.

sadly 95 percent of teenagers are stupid

For the most part low subbass won’t really contribute to hearing loss, but for higher frequencies it def will

Fair point.

wait a minute connecting the kanto speakers is even easier than i thought… i dont even need an audio extractor (i think)

connect tv to speakers via TOSLINK, and then hope it will automatically move all audio to the speakers

and for headphones i think the specific sound my bro might want would be clear but still fun… because he mostly plays JRPGs and Platformers, games that usually have an orchestral soundtrack (think breath of the wild or final fantasy), but he also listens to a lot of pop punk and alt rock so i do feel a bit of a thump would really be useful