Moondrop SSR. Moondrop's answer to budget chi fi at dropping at $40

This is set to release around the 15th of June.


Holy shit that is fuckin tiny!!! I would be worried about loosing them!

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Looks to be a neutral bright I’m kinda worried about shout but the 7-10k regions do t look too bad and moondrop is generally pretty tasteful when it come to treble. The bass extension looks nice and mid performance may be the focus the people willbe into as that is kinda moondrop’s thing


Also reminds me of etymotic target response


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So SSR stands for Super Spaceship Reference… if that’s supposed to be an updated version of the Spaceship that doesn’t fill me with optimism.

I had the Moondrop Spaceship, and it’s the worst designed IEM I have ever used. It requires a very particular, deep seated fit to sound its best(and its best was not that good, just acceptable for the $20 price tag), but getting that fit is very annoying because of the extremely small, extremely slippery chassis. Because it’s so small, you’re pretty much forced to position it by holding the cable - which might be why the cable gave up on me after less than a month of use, when one side lost most of the sound. And sticking even something that small deep into your ear was not just uncomfortable, it kept slipping out and needed adjusting even with foam tips.

This one obviously doesn’t have chassis that small, so it might be not that awkward, but I hope it doesn’t require the deep in-ear fit at all.

The fit looks pretty shallow but I wouldn’t be surprised if it came with a triple flange if they are trying to do a cheap etymotic

Really excited to know how they will sound. From the graphs they are likely to be neutral-sounding expecially in the mids which don’t seem scooped at all. The only thing I’m worrying about is the treble spike but as other people said, it’s moondrop, so they are probably gonna handle it well. Can’t wait for them to be released.

Yeah the fit seems kinda odd, hopefully it’s gonna be good. Having a netural choice to pick from at this price point sounds great. Also they look really good imo.

When it come to treble remember that prefuency graphs are also lagorithmic so the treble isn’t always as Intense as it seems

Moondrop SSR Single Dynamic Driver Beryllium In-Ear Earphone IEMs Launched, learn more:

@ZeosPantera I need a review, man.

Review from super review:

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Didn’t check the legitimacy of this, can’t be bothered to, but someone shared this if anyone wants to check the legitimacy of it for themselves. (Just don’t want to be accused for any false information since I didn’t check it myself)

The SSP is supposed to release later this year is an iem that is supposed to be more.ebass forcused

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Hopefully the pair getting shipped to me is fine also I just checked their Facebook page and that is indeed legit


Looks like my SSR got cancelled by moondrop so now I gotta wait till they fix the issues to buy them again

At least they are smart enough to acknowledge they missed some issues and pull back units till they can fix their shit.