My Asgard 3 died after 1 day

Will be curious on your thoughts :+1:

Sunday all A3, today all Liquid Spark. No real difference noticed other than it seemed that the A3 did better on low gain when using my Sivga Phoenix. Cannot get much out of the Sundara’s on low gain…so they were still the same on both amps. I will say that past 3 O’clock on A3 distortion kicks in (didn’t notice that the short amount of time I had the original A3) and the spark keeps on trucking.
Returning the Sundara’s, A3, and the Spark. Keeping the Sivga Phoenix paired with a Fiio E10k. They seem to be a perfect match. The Sivga is extremely efficient and the Spark is overkill. On any songs lacking bass just flip the bass switch on the E10K, otherwise there is no real need for equalization for general listening purposes.
I am giving up a little spaciousness and mid bass slam that those Sundara’s brought to the table, but in my case at a cost of too much power. The real problem that I had with those Sundara’s was that I had to crank them to get the satisfying effect that I desired from them and that will be too costly on my hearing down the road anyway.


Gotcha, interesting, well sounds like you have things figured out then :+1: