My thoughts on *trying* analog

Over the weekend I “borrowed” my dad’s reel to reel and a random tape from his 50 year old collection. I say borrowed because I don’t think he’ll ask for it back. He hasn’t used it in decades.

It’s a Sony TC-366 reel to reel. Manufactured in 1971, a few years before I was born. Dad has a bunch of tapes he recorded from the 1960s still and he cataloged what he recorded on a manual typewriter and still has the binder with everything in it.

I grabbed a random tape from the closet and snapped a photo of the catalog page he typed for it.

The tape I took with me and played worked just fine. Though after about the first 15 minutes of play a small knocking sound developed from the machine. It sounds like it’s coming from behind the left-side reel.

Any chance someone here might have an idea about that knocking sound?