Open back around $500

Hmmm, what do you mainly listen to?

Bit of everything except country. Not too worried about lack of bass, I mostly want something that is comfortable enough to have on for a long time. Another option would be 58x and little dot mk2. I’d say i’m looking for something with good sound stage and imaging. Might get a Meze neo down the road for something more fun that I could use at work.

I think the Sundara is a better headphone than the 95x. But the 95x is super light. not much clamp though

I think the Meze Noir has better sound than the Neo. not sure

Lets go lol

I think both are pretty great for that, I think if you wanted a lighter and more airy sound the 95x is more up your alley, but I think otherwise the sundara might be my pick for an all rounder imo.

I think if you were to consider a meze the 99 noir might be a better option for the price imo. Also there are lots of headphones in that range as well

Thanks for the help, I’ll look into the noir. How are the Sundara’s without an amp? The M570’s off my Macbook pro sound good but I wasn’t blown away after hearing all the Sendy driver complements. I’ll get one eventually but probably not for a few months if I go that route. I like that the 95x has everything I would need.

It’s fine, but I would really recommend an amp. You can get something like a schiit mangi heresy or monolith liquid spark and save for a dac later on (and just run the mac as the dac for the amp)

With the 95x you would still want a dac later on down the line imo