Roon sucks, sorry

Are you a Roon fan boy


Track Import Date is a configurable option. It’s a bit buried.


I like to keep things simple.

I have used Jriver Music Center for years and it too, took some time to find where the settings were and how they interacted etc.

I ventured into Foobar 2000 several times and being freeware it took several attempts to learn where the similar settings were and how to set it up for bitperfect playback.

My songs are local ripped files. I look at the ease of use in finding what I want to listen to at the best quality as the number one attribute.

Before lossless formats came on the scene I only used a CD transport.

Recently I tried Roon, and Qobuz etc…I did not think Roon was worth the money for “Me”…I dont usually like streaming and only listen with TOTL headphones in one location. As a purist I hate stuff that mucks with the “bits”…

Qobuz does allow me to find stuff and try new stuff or different versions of the same material. Then I usually buy the cd, rip it and back to Jriver or Foobar.

I often feel with products that integrate or have several access points that I loose control and things get at varying levels of “currency”…I hate this.

For me in a purist listening environment Foobar 2000 is now “easy” to use…as well as Jriver.

But I can totally understand folks liking Roon etc…and for some its great and others it “sucks”…

Its all good…



For OP, there should be a pen next to the title. Click that and change it to something like “My Roon Expererience”.
Deleting info/experiences like this will only cause it to happen to the next guy.


Agreed. No reason to delete the thread imo, bjf also, the title isn’t realy accurate

Roon is pretty great, sorry. I’m an unabashed fanboy…idc. Its a superior piece of software and one that doesn’t have an honest competitor. It does take real time to figure it all out though. Its not a piece of software you use for a month, think you have it all figured out, and you’re good to go.

It is an ever evolving piece of software that seamlessly gets better with every upgrade, but with that upgrade comes some new things you need to learn. I’ve been one of the first adopters of the software ever in the United States (signed up on Day 1).

Addressing a few of your concerns

  1. If you just stream using TIDAL, idk why you even need ROON. It makes no sense…just use TIDAL and TIDAL CONNECT to do what ROON does. ROON is really for users that want to integrate local files and streaming services.

  2. Yes, because you connected the services. If you deleted it from TIDAL, it’d no longer show up in ROON and vice versa. You could HIDE the playlist from ROON and it won’t delete from TIDAL.

  3. Fix the setting.

  4. You need to turn off ROON Radio.

  5. This is not true. idk what you are seeing on your end, but thats just not how it works. I sort by Date Added all of the time and have not one time seen something out of place.

  6. There are some extensions that are out there, but I never use them. I like the front page, so, ymmv.

  7. It also works with Qobuz. Tidal and Qobuz are the companies that allow ROON backdoor access. Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music are too big of companies to give a fvck what a little company like ROON does so they don’t allow backdoor access. However, as ROON becomes integrated into more and more products, the liklihood of the big companies offering ROON some access to integrate increases. idk when, but at some point ROON will likely get some backdoor access to these companies.

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I try to keep streaming and CDs easy. I use the bluesound software. It was free. It came on the bluesound vault gen1. It has Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz, Amazon and a list of others. It also has 2TB of storage for CDs. You pop in the disc it rips it to the drive and adds metadata. I can creat playlists from discs and music services. Its by no means perfect. The price was right and its super simple for newbs and little old men. Im both.

I have absolutely NO use for Roon at this point in time as I prefer to keep things simple. For my use case it doesn’t make any sense. Who knows what will happen down the line, but for now, no.