Strange audiophile musings

Good evening my fellow audiophiles :saxophone::violin::guitar:

Tl: Dr: yay!!! :notes::notes::notes::notes::notes::notes::notes:

I’m an old soul, long-time lurker on HiFiGuides. Musician (life long, but not pro. It’s more in the blood , than the talent). Years of ups and downs. Good and bad decisions. Each moment, lived and savored. I chose to become an ‘audiophile’ , in short, due to a strange perfect storm combination of the covid pandemic, depression, and reaching toward a new hobby to cope, like many of us did… with all of the uncertainty, confusion, and shitbag mutherfucking craziness of quarantine, wordwide death, even more confusion, religious nationalism vs hope … :notes::notes::notes:

I dove into the gear, found a purpose. Learned the lingo. Studied the graphs. Still don’t get them.
Shuffled the credit card debt without telling my wife. Lost my Chus somewhere (did I ever listen to them?) Laughed at those those stupid Head-Fi’ers hawking 400 Penon cables. And. Well. I’ve reached my end game. :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

And, it’s surprisingly not gear. :grin: It’s an epitome. It’s an idea. It’s the revelation that the truth of being an audiophile is not in whether or not your diggin’ the ea500lm or the Annihilator is … that whatever you’ve got on your head, in your ears, resting on your buds, in your Mercedes or Honda, or built into your palace in Dubai (or Oklahoma) is that we are people who experience unique joy with the expression of, thoughts about, and sometimes fights about (?) sound, especially music… :musical_note: :musical_note: … and that whatever you are spending, collecting, and puttin’ your life into keeps bringing you joy, and companionship… it’s the passion. Hope. So , enjoy. Spend. or not. It’s about the soul. Music trumps (sorry ) gear. Yay!

So, goodnight all. Sleep well. Share a lil’ love . Time feels short. I leave you with a treat.

Grab your favorite gear. Close your eyes. Let go. Breathe. And experience…(thinking back, this song now feels sad. Her other work is about hope (all amazing).


P.S: I spent 3 hours at Audio46 in NYC yesterday. And , the Utopia 2022, Meze Empyrean, Fir Rn6, 64 Audio Volür, and CA Trifecta each create beauty, in their own unigue ways. :notes::notes::notes::notes::notes:. :headphones::radio:.

and the Trifecta is way overpriced. The bass sucks. :musical_note:

I left. Didn’t spend a penny. Went to Brooklyn. And had some great Thai Food. Then, saw Katelyn Tarver play at Baby’s All Right while sipping a Hendrick’s dry martini. The oldest guy in the place by 20 years. Easy. and smilin’


Well written brother, it’s all about the passion and sharing it with like-minded people :sunglasses:
Check out the bad guy thread to see some of the family and participate if you feel like it :grin::v:t2:


…that’s what its all about…I’ll often pump up the sub bass when listening just to try and replicate the atmosphere you get in these venues.

I always wonder where the best spots are in the world, just to sit and sip a drink amongst fellow music lovers…

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What was amazing was that this great music joint was a 3 minute walk from my hotel. I love NY.


While I was visiting NY, I (of course) researched a number of venues , high and low end, to have a few needed musical experiences. There were live shows, listening rooms, hispter country bars, and churches converted into temporary hip hop venues (?) , all open on a Monday night. I live Upstate, about 200 miles from NYC. We’ve got a good live music scene with a focus on classic rock, country, the Dead, and blues. But thats about it.

Well, with the ok of the mods, maybe I’ll keep my musings going on this thread. I originally wanted to be a headphone reviewer, but I’d rather muse about music, live shows, whiskey, and gear with a more creative, random, artistic angle. I dont get the graphs or the 8 hz bump (?) , but I do get the experience and soul of it.

Feel free to join in. :grin:


If only transporters existed, I’d be off listening to music over the globe everyday instead of reading and researching about the latest in audio gear…

This reminded me of when I watched Dave Chapelle’s Block Party years back. A doc about when he threw a block party in brooklyn bringing together some of the best hip-hop and neosoul artists of the day. The breadth of music culture across NYC and indeed America is a real gift.


Ain’t Nothin But…The Blues Bar
Sandwiched between the well-known Regent street and Carnaby street in London this little rough-and-ready blues bar that has been open for around 30 years, and usually have a couple acts play every evening. I tried to go once years back but it was late and the crowd was backed up to the door so I left. I had always meant to return someday and got a chance last friday. Starting the evening was Big Joe Louis. It’s an intimate setting with just enough seating for a small crowd close to the platform with everyone else standing in the narrow section behind, next to the bar. The focus is on the artist in that way and that’s a good thing as everyone’s attention is directed on appreciating the music while they sip on their drinks. As I learnt from the bartender, it can get quite busy later in the evening and also rowdy at times once enough drink’s been flowing so I was glad to be there with a quieter group listening to the bluesy songs together. I managed to catch the first half of the set before having to head to dinner. It’s a shame I couldn’t stay longer but maybe next time when I get a chance.