Sweet gooey amp to drive ZMF or other 300ohm cans?

Nah, i’ve been out of town on an extended training session. As far as i can tell my headphones have not budged from their spot on the list yet.
I own the DV 369se and the line magnetic https://www.line-magnetic.eu/en/products-line-magnetic-en/integrated-tube-amplifier-line-magnetic-en/lm-mini-84ia-headphone-amplifier-push-pull-el84-2x3w-detail mini amp.

Edit: and i have really nice tubes for both. I truly enjoy them when used on the correct cans.

Ohhh, sweet dude, i see you dropped cash on the Eikon too!:+1: Nice… i have a feeling you really really are loving the ZMF’s. I’m so excited to eventually get mine.

Ok, I didn’t want to recommend anything super expensive if it was all new. I own a Dark Voice, ZDT Jr, and a La Figaro 339. I also have the Massdrop Cavalli tube hybrid + DAC, but I prefer full tube vs hybrid.

The most expensive one I own is the La Figaro which Drop occasionally has for $600-$700. It’s more or less a dual mono Dark Voice with a little better clarity and 2x power cords. It’s really good if you want to spend money on good tubes. I went a little overkill and bought a $400 paired 5998s but I and paired RCA 5693 Reds but I could have saved money but getting non paired versions. There are 2 power cords and 2 volume knobs. You can individually balance out the cups if there’s any volume discrepancy. While it’s cleaner than the Dark Voice, there is still noticeable noise that I can’t hear when music plays.

I’m changing my mind on my next (final?) upgrade every day. I was thinking about the Audiovalve Solaris that Zeos reviewed to also play estats before hearing the estat out isn’t very good. I’m currently debating the ha300, ALO Studio 6, Manley Absolute, and Dragon Inspire 1HA-1. I want tube sound, not necessarily clean, and I’d prefer to eliminate normal tube noise, if only to feel better about my purchase. The “silent” ones I’ve researched are the SET, not OTL, versions. My ZDT Jr is SET, and so are the Studio 6, and Dragon Inspire. Maybe the Pendant too. But I also love the OTLs I own, so I’m not in the biggest rush to make my decision

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I’m trying to talk my friend into trading the Eikons straight up for my LCDXc. At this point I only want the Verite Closed as a possible closed back because the Eikons were just about perfect for me off of the La Figaro.

Also, going back to one of your earlier posts in the thread, I am enjoying the straight headphone out off of my vintage receiver. Sounds tubey without tubes. The only headphones I’ve used out of the speaker outs have been the he6se, and I’m good with that for now

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Ahh, dude we could be twins separated at birth…LOL🤣 so i passed on the single La Figaro drop was blowing out for $400 because I was looking for a SET since i already had an OTL to play with. Then i stumbled across the Mini LM while i was out in Phoenix and pounced on it like a cat. To top it off my full Class A Sugden is particularly special in the way it sounds on headphones and i think it will sound good on the ZMF. Anyway’s I’ve been away from home and i stumbled across another hole in the wall shop in the middle of nowhere and i got to listen to some vintage integrated amps and boy did i start to drool at both the beauty and sweet to me sound those things were getting out of efficient speakers…one of the guys there was an old school headphone freak and one thing led to another so here i am again today letting my innermost crazy thoughts out and wondering, hmmmm, what if?

I think most anyone born after maybe 1995 will be turned off to see fake wood paneling on their receiver/amp but whenever I see it my antenna goes up

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I listened to 70s funk all day last Sunday on the Eikons off the La Figaro and ordered them on Tuesday

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Yes, yes, there is tubey sound out of some SS pieces and they are not running tubes. I was working on getting my grubby little fingers on a Wells Audio Milo just to see how true that was of a full fledged headphone amp with gobs of power but that deal fell thru.
I like tubes but am not keen on the big 300B’s and kt88’s especially knowing full well that i can spend upwards of $500 ea on damned tubes to role. My thought process has been to eventually actually listen to some of the stuff I already have at home and THEN Further decide which sound signature may or may not be missing from my battery of amps, os in the meantime i was looking for more ideas from experienced folks

TMI, but yeah me too​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

I mean, based on this I think a decent OTL will work for you. M0N uses the stock tubes on the h300 which should be good for the price. But

Edit: hit enter too soon. I was going to say that the higher end stuff may be easier. I’d like silence, but not sure I need it for $3k +

Ok, so my DV can be dead silent, no hiss, but not always. I can’t actually hear the hiss when playing music but I KNOW it’s there dammit and that grates on my nerves. I thought i had the hiss beat with a particular set of tubes but i was wrong, sometimes it pops up. I’m gonna do the Fitz mod on it to see if it helps, but i dont know when i’ll get around to it. The Mini LM is silent and that is such a sweet sweet pleasure but it was not made to be a headphone amp primarily and i don’t get as much power out of it as i want to really push my cans. I’m curious to hear how it handles 300ohms. There will be something purchased at some point, i just don’t know what yet. I think there may be. New DAC coming in soon too, that will just mess me up all over again and get me off on a new tangent…

The Eikons sound so wide open on the La Figaro it’s insane. I think if I go all out on an amp it will be ss. With tubes its a little more subjective. These are my closed back Empyreans basically

Really? I still don’t get why you purchased the Eikons tho. What do they bring to the table that the combination of Verite and Aeolus don’t do for you?

Edit: and go and update your profile so i can keep track of what you have. I’m always questioning whatbthe hell im speaking about, im getting older and my brain don’t hold shit in like it used to

I don’t have the Verite or Aeolus yet, but may have the Aeolus in a day or so. I’m always looking for closed backs for work, and finally got to sit down with the Eikons this past weekend

Ok, i figured the closed backs were for keeping sound away from others. Otherwise from what i remember you got a great combination of sound signatures in hand or coming to keep you occupied and satisfied for a while

I’m waiting on the 2 open backs I have on order, but I truly can’t see how they are that much better than these are for me. I want to see the Verite C before I order it for $2400+ but if it improves on what he’s done with the Eikon, I’m super interested


Two amps i’d like to demo would be the Trilogy 933 and a McIntosh MHA150, the second of the two a little over budget but so so cool :+1:

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I saw that video. and that amp sounds very exciting And it’s only 540 dollars. apparently that guy does something with it that makes it viable for even planners to get that tube sound. I would like to get one someday

I actually wasn’t that impressed for the price by the McIntosh tbh, it was good for sure but I don’t think it was worth the price sound wise

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But the McIntosh has lights and VU meters so that makes it sound better already!

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