The hunt for LCD-2.2 Pre-Fazor

I am posting this purely for help to find a pair of LCD-2 Pre-Fazor Rev 2.2. They go so quickly after being posted on forums that I am afraid I will never be able to get a pair. If you see a pair for sale and you don’t want to buy it message ASAP please. My budget is around $550. I honestly would have thought more pairs of them would be being sold right now because of Covid but I guess I was wrong.

If I remember I will message you. But LCD2’s in good condition very rarely go for that low of a price

Things like 2.2 Fazor are easy to tell. But how would you actually know if you’re being sold a 2.2 pre fazor? I’ve had trouble just getting to understand the various LCD2 iterations along the way. I’d have to think that without seeing them internally and knowing what’s what (obvious differences aside) do you know what you’re looking for?

To know if it’s rev 2 and not rev 1, You would need to know manufacture date or serial number. If it was manufactured between about 2012 and 2015 it should be the good (rev2) prefazor version. Someone correct me if I’m wrong

Edit. See below for correct dates

That part I knew, I didn’t know there was a 2.2 without Fazor. I thought the 2.2 was the Fazor. Unless I’m reading his post wrong.

Yeah there’s definitely a rev 2 prefazor version. Also for clarification I’m pretty sure LCD-2.2 = LCD-2 rev 2 (prefazor).

I clarified the title to LCD-2.2 Pre-Fazor

There is a 2.2 fazor as well as far as I know… you can physically feel for the Fazors (or lack there of) and a serial number can help as well

From the audeze website: ‘Any LCD-2s with serial number starting with 54 or higher should have Fazors. Any starting with 53 (and a few starting with 56 from the early days) will be a pre-Fazor model unless the drivers were serviced after the beginning of Fazor production, which began in January 2014.‘

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You’re right I believe those are denoted LCD-2.2F. BTW did you get your LCD2 yet? My seller was slow so I have to wait till Friday.

Not yet lol I feel bad talking about this here (sorry OP) but I should get it this week and I had to order a se cable as well which should be here Monday :+1:

A good strategy for locating one is setting up a new listing alert on Ebay. You can also set up alerts for Reddit posts as well using IFTTT. A friend of mine does that for the knife exchange reddit.

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[quote=“db_Cooper, post:3, topic:13580”]
But how would you actually know if you’re being sold a 2.2 pre fazor?

honestly the best way would be to get a photo with a pad removed or have the seller feel for them (specifically the tips of triangles and not just gaps in the metal)

I signed up for ebay yesterday lol, how do I set that up so it notifies me if a LCD 2 goes on sale? Also how do I do the reddit one?

Good luck with your search guys. It is a great headphone. I felt really lucky when I stumbled across a sale for one (see HF post below). I bought an HE-500 from the same seller twelve months earlier, haha.

I did over $200 in upgrades: headband and Audeze pelican case. Looking back, I probably should have gone with another pelican case if I wanted one. I bought a monoprice one recently for my HE-500, but the case latches are fairly difficult to open.

Figured out how to do it for Ebay, still trying to figure it out for reddit.

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I bought LCD-3 Pre Fazor instead