The right headphones for gaming and watching streams

Tygr 300r for sure

Thank you all for sharing your opinions! Unfortunately I am really really busy apart from finding the right headphones which makes it hard for me to answer quickly…

This is my budget without amp/dac, so there is still room for it.

So what I have read by now, my options are as follow:

  • MMX300: I have looked at it earlier but somehow didn’t put it in my list because I figured the 990s or 880s are the better choice…
  • TYGR: Also have had a look at it earlier, but I can only get these used from a different country and I have mixed feelings about used from a different country…
  • 1990: absolute top, but If I decide to get these I will try to test 880 or 990 first
  • T1: I googled these from the moment I saw you raving about the T1. Unfortunately there is no possibility for me to get a pair. I cannot even find used ones
  • HD660S: narrow soundstage, but since I play shooters very aggressively these would still fit I guess

Very well noted regarding the amps and dacs!

Regarding the microphone:
I have been digging in my old stuff and found a SE electronics V-3. Could this work for me as well, because then I am able to save some money for the headphones or amp/dacs…?

Some games I have heard about… :wink: Maybe if I save some money for future headphones I will consider them, since I am also into these kind of games!

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Sure! Let me know if you want game recs or anything =p I do a lot of game searching/“hunting”, and am a playtester currently for Skinwalker Hunt.

mmx300 is just a redone up dt 770 so yes technically 880 and 990 will be better but it depends on what one is looking for.

Had a feeling this would be the case… tygr seems impossible to obtain for most

the 2nd gen was discontinued is the issue so youd have to search third party for this one…

That would be a dynamic microphone with an XLR plug… less you get an audio interface that will run that no it won’t work. Will work fine if you have the interface to use the mic though.

I run my 6xx on the GoXLR which is only rated to 150 and it is loud. Very little issue running it. I also used the 6XX on the Mayflower Arc 2 and it was ok as well, although that his higher output than the GoXLR. I think in general you can get away without an amp on some devices.

Just because something is loud does not mean fully driven and maintaining its full sound signature. I can go plug my beyers into my phone and they get reasonably loud but the sound signature is all over the place. Mind you 6xx isn’t particularly too picky but others like the beyers over there will definitely tell you to not even try ampless

So I will try out the 880/990 and maybe go further to the 1990 or decide to get the 660s.

For amp/dacs I had no luck at all finding any recommended amp/dac but the asgard 3…

Also regarding the audio interfaces for my mic, I found the following and would appreciate your opinion if you know them:

  • Steinberg UR22C
  • M-Audio Air 192|6
  • Roland Rubix22
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen
  • GO XLR Mini

Yes, you can run the 6xx from a phone as well.

The ohm load is 300Ohm which is a way more than 32 or 38 Ohms of headphones like the Grado. That just means the volume and quality will scale a lot with an amp where some other headphones don’t really need one.

I’d ask others about interface comparisons. Admittedly that’s not a strong area for me and there are others here that have a ton more experience in that regard.

I’d advise some caution on this remark… my phone cannot run them let alone 58x. Newer more expensive phones can sure

If you can afford the asgard go for it… that amp is one of those that a gamer can buy and never really need to be concerned with going further down the rabbit hole… it’s a superb amp

Ok thank you very much! I will try find another thread which is about microphones and audio interfaces.

But if I go with asgard, I would still need a dac or? And would you rather pair the 660s with liquid spark? I think I’ve read this somewhere…

wouldn’t need the spark if your grabbing an asgard but yes you would still need a dac.

Nothing wrong with pairing the 660 to the spark… Im personally a fan of the amp

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Lol definitely not when the budget was around $400. Also this threads a year+ old

Well then what’s our update? lol. Feels like a good thread to resurrect honestly. The options have opened up and the top dogs in those price ranges have changed. Where do you stand these days?

Id really have to sit down and write it out… dont have the time for that of late and that info would go to the write up thread of mine