The "Too good for the price" list

Well I didn’t see it anywhere so I’m gonna suggest the SMSL DA-9 speaker amp. This thing simply kicks a lot of ass for 220 bucks! Seriously, I don’t know how you beat it from a price/performance perspective.

As for Stacks, I’m not sure if this warrants consideration because it may be outdated now, but the M200/SP200 stack sure punched above its weight class for me. It took a while but I really warmed up to the AKM chip. And in fact both pieces are still in use to this day, just in separate systems!

Hey guys I think we need more further updates on this, particularly on the IEMs. In my opinion, these ones should be added on the list, if this one is still active:

  • Tripowin x HBB Mele
  • Tripowin x HBB Olina
  • Tripowin Lea
  • Tanchjim Tanya
  • Tin Hifi T3 Plus
  • Moondrop Chu
  • Moondrop Kato
  • 7Hz Timeless

If there are things that are still missing on the list, I apologize for not adding them.

Shuoer S12


iBasso SR2!!!

Man, I can’t get over how good these headphones are. I have two pairs and there’s nothing that can get me to sell them. Absolutely legendary level stuff, yet it still didn’t get the attention and recognition it deserved.

I’ve seen some SR2 pairs going for below $350, and that’s just some i n s a n e value stuff.

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I want to add the Koss KPH40 as well on this list, in my opinion Koss did it again with this price point. This is definitely an upgrade from the KPH30is but of course it still depends on you, since there are people out there prefer the 30i’s sounds more than the 40’s, but to me it’s a definite buy.


I deceived all of you, this list is no longer edited 69 times. But it’s for a good reason: The 70th edit was to add this gem to the list.

Yes, it does a lot. And does it well.


Tumblr Blog

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I wasn’t aware of this. That’s a LOT of features. Just looked it up and see there is a plus version as well, but this is Good. I’ll let my friend know. Thanks.


If he’s only using IEMs, I’d go for the Fiio BTR5 or something similar (Haven’t tried it but a ton of people here praised it), but if he needs power for headphones (or listens to music loud), yes, this is great stuff.

I have the XD05 Basic AKM version (they’re now using ESS chipsets) and I swear the headphone out of this sounds better than my 100$ JDS Atom and my 100$ Liquid Spark… :pinched_fingers:

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@LeDechaine Thanks. BTR5 is one I have considered for myself. Friend was thinking Desktop dac and amp for his 58x tho it drives easily and sounds “ok” with
his Dragonfly black out of tower computer. He put money in unexpected car repairs instead for now, so will be waiting a while…but yeah that Xduoo is pretty loaded.

He’s definitely going to have a ton more functionalities than this usb-stick-dac-amp with that XD05 lol.

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I know, right? (he knows too, but has a frugal wife…nuff said, lol)

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I wasn’t aware either…and now I am. too bad it’s not Bt, though there is a module you can add for that functionality. there’s also a XD05 Bal, that’s more than 2x the price of the Basic! >.<

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sounds like he needs to get a box at an office he can grab audio acquisitions anonymously :wink:

No, they have a great relationship and she even sometimes asks if he needs
something additional. They just use their tv 5.1 a lot more. (she worked at a bank!)

I wasn’t saying anything about the quality of their relationship, LoL! I was meaning to side-step her frugality :wink:

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:smile: Ha, I know. Fun. They’re a good team.

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