To break the cardinal rule? DAC most expensive piece in the chain- Ares II

As I have read or heard, you should not use both outputs, but only one.
But I don’t know why.
Enter Headqarter Audio on YouTube, there are two more tips that are supposed to make the Ares even better.

The other side is, you probably would not need to change / upgrade the dac in long time if taking the RME way. Plus when you change / upgrade the headphones next. You have the option to tune the sound if there is something you would like to change.
I have a personal issue with with 3-3.5khz hiss note, so i usually cut it right away. Lucky the current headphones don’t spike the brain with it but the option being there to change it. It’s gold value.
If one pair of headphones or speakers, does not sound nice = tiny tune up and everything is better.

Not using all the options there is, i find bit odd. I mean people dont use all the options in a simple thing like TV / display has. They use some and plenty more as options are still available.
Sound being very neutral is what might turn people away more. That’s how i like it, only the music and how i like to tune it if needed.

ADI-2 isn’t R2R is it?

No, the RMI is a delta sigma DAC that uses ESS chips.

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Yes you have right.

Is the ess out? They were using akm until the factory fire

I’m not too sure if it’s out yet or not. That’s what is listed on their product page:

It’s a pretty recent change.
Current or new ones with ESS and older ones with AK.