Top 10 headphones for micro-detail retrieval?

Heh, I’ve had this happen, but primarily with open dynamics with good stage (HD668B, KSC75), because the thing that makes me stop the music is the impression those noises are in the room with me, and that’s a question of staging more than resolution (some minimal resolution is needed for that realism ofc, but it’s not hard to achieve, you don’t need Stax for that).

I was watching Sex Education with the KSC75 a few months ago and in a scene at a house party with music thumping from a few rooms away I could swear I was hearing the party thumping through the walls of the hotel I was in. I had every information to know for sure this was not the case, but I still had to take the headphones off to check. :smiley:

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Focal Elegia are “detail monsters”, apparently!

“I already said that once you get up 1000$, incremental improvements in detail retrieval are not that big of a deal (…) nope!”

Focal Stellia… 3000$:

So, yeah, we’re at 3000$ now. And over 1000$, everything has “sufficient” detail retrieval (I mean, hell, I hope so, for this price).

Now, what is impressive, for less than 500$?

Can concur…


Micro-details under 500$.

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IDK if this is just me, but I think a HE560 v1 is better than the Sundara. I think it scales alot better than the Sundara, and is a more refined sound. Along with the more comfortable, but more likely to break headband. You should be able to find them new for under 500 easily

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Do you own both? I was considering getting the Sundara.

I know someone who lives nearby who bought a sundara as soon as it came out and I bought my he560 right before it was announced. At first I was kinda irritated that within a week the sundara was announced after I had bought my 560, and stayed that way until my friend received his. I will admit that the sundara IMO looks and feels nicer than my 560, but after listening back and forth, I found the 560 to be more natural sounding and pleasurable to the sundara. The sundara has better mids, but I think that the he560 has it beat on treble and bass, along with timbre and soundstage. I can’t quite remember the imaging on the sundara so I can’t comment on that. The big caveat is that the 560 is alot more picky on how it’s being powered. It requires more power than the sundara and sounds great on a good setup, but kinda lifeless on less than ideal amps. The sundara was much more forgiving on its amps and sources IMO. I should also mention that I personally find the 560 headband more comfortable than the headband on the sundara. If the new headband allowed the cups to swivel I feel it would be much more comfortable for me.

I came here to mention them

I will definitely consider the 560 if I can get them at a good price and under warranty. I’m eyeing the Sundara because I really loved how the mids sounded on the HE-4XX. So right now I’m leaning that way based on what I’ve read so far.

I read a lot of people’s sundara’s drivers dieing on them. not sure if it’s just classic bad hifiman QC or something else but I just want to let you know. you could maybe get a m1060 c and mod it to be an open back I hear a lot of good things from that mod. or just the base m1060 non c. I would trust that more than the sundara

Replying to myself with my new HD58Xs on my ears. 9/10 wavs found in this test:

Yes, this means you’ll hear more details from your mp3s. But this also means you’ll crave for CDs and FLACs because you will now hear the difference. So you will know your entire mp3 collection is of lesser quality. You’ve been warned. :stuck_out_tongue:

Micro-details for 200$? Same drivers as the Sendy Aivas. They’re just too muddy/bassy.
I mean, hell, for 200$, I’d try putting T50RP pancake pads on them or whatever.

Lack of detachable cable is a deal breaker for me

3:05 about details.

Why did I NOT notice the ER4s were 250$. Wow. Sorry.
Found this recently (XR version).

“With binaural records, I feel like I was in the room” (…) “far more details, far more resolving, revealing than my HD600s”

Apparently Etymotic invented IEMS so, yeah, I get it!

I have the er4sr with standard foam tips. I don’t think you can beat that in clarity without spending significantly more. Etymotic does make audio research equipment. So I trust they know what they’re doing.

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Resurrecting this thread because Shuoer Tape exists. Chi-fi IEMs with tiny electrostatic drivers. For 129$.

(From Bad Guy Good Audio, graph widened 200%)

Zeos said in this latest video “similar detail retrieval to Stax”… Yes, 129$.
( @ 23:40 )

But which stax? And also I still really wouldn’t believe that, but I haven’t tried the tapes so I really can’t say

BGGA likes these too. “More detail retrieval than P1s if you can believe it”.