Upgrade Recommendation Requested

Cant help trying to lecture people that are completely wrong about stuff that should be objective.

No im not lol.


I was looking at possibly grabbing 3ish sets in the budget range and spending some time with them before committing to the higher price point. Maybe something warm, something warm-neutral, something bassy, or a planar… Then I can choose more definitively between a pula-- > dos or Cinco, or other options


It’s hard not to go back and forth between the DOS and Cinco and think of ways they might play my library or imagine I’ll be missing out on something if I don’t go with the slightly more balanced set


Then I see tea2 at 288 vs those 2 sets at 270 and start reading all those reviews too…

Opinions on tea2 vs any of the sets mentioned?

“Budget” category sets that fit? @John_W_Clark mentioned a few which I’m looking at, and there are plenty of tier rankings on the forum.

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Tea2 vs Doscinco is rough. They are my two favorite sets currently. Tea2 is darker, and scales a little better, while the Doscinco has more treble details and the bass is very satisfying.

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Here are some pretty good budget sets in that range that might be worth looking into and testing:

The last one is on AE versus the easily returnable Amazon, but they do have “free returns” although it might take a bit longer to get your refund. In any case, hope this helps! :notes:

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My IEM Upgrade Matrix

You can follow the categories for my opinion on sound type, price, and driver type


fwiw, i got the doscinco as an upgrade on the QKZ x HBB


You may want to skip budget and go affordable.
Perhaps starting with the recently released Kefine Delci, said to be quite a single DD, performing as well the Simgot 500LM ($89) with a sound profile having less treble spice & more bass for $60 on Amazon with offered coupon. (Have the Simgot EA500, like it, tape modded for more low end)

Conclusion at 30:20 gives the quick rundown, but the whole video is worth viewing.

…I concur with the Castor Black (Bass), great fun ultra budget bassy set, customizable via switches. Own it, like it.

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Juzear 41T is a nice warm bassy IEM.

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Deleted incorrect information I confused sets, thanks @Cameleon30

JUZEAR 41T $169 is same as JUZEAR FLAME $179 both 1 DD + 4 BAs.

Apologies all

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This is incredibly thorough and helpful. Definitely helps calibrate a search for variety and should be a really useful guide once I find exactly the sound signature I want to upgrade within. Many thanks!

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The “affordable”/ high value to price ratio is typically my guiding principle as a consumer. Along with what everyone has said about IEMs coming so far since I purchased anything, the best value may be above the budget category, but below my limit. I would still be getting a substantial upgrade, and I could use that experience to guide future purchase(s?), or just enjoy the fact that sets in this range seem to be really outstanding in today’s environment.

This approach jives well with still getting to try multiple things out, while aiming for value; I just need to be able to tune out the “what if” in my head if I don’t spend up a little more.

Thanks to everyone for their input so far; there doesn’t look to be a bad way for me to go (budget, affordable, or my current limit) with great suggestions and everyone’s collective experience.


The graphs I was able to find on squig, the two graphed differently!?

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