Your Top 5 IEMs right now that you are using?

I have the Tea 2 myself. It was one of the ones that made the cut as a keeper from my sale. That for me says a lot about it especially considering the price difference. I don’t want to come off as they sound the same but, it was favored over the Kinda Lava. Which of my IEMs seemed to be the one it was closest to. I just favored the vocal presentation of the Tea 2 more.


@John_W_Clark Canon is knocked of the list though. Found I preferred the Serial over it. I still think its a great a choice though and can’t fault it. Took some hard internal debates though as which of these two was the keeper. Hekili falls into its place now with the Urd still being an honorable mention.

  1. UM Mest MkII
  2. Moondrop S8
  3. Mangird Tea MkII
  4. Shuoer EJ07M
  5. Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusk

Replaced the Tin T3+ with a pair Mangird Tea ( the OG MKI version ). While I acknowledge this is the honeymoon period, they will likely be up there with the Olina for that top spot once things settle down. I am really enjoying the darker tonality, while keeping the stage and imaging.

@MMag05 In a full reversal, I went OG Tea over Tea2, because they were more different than what I already had. A couple people pointed out that the original was special to them because the tuning was different, where the Tea2 was closer to things in their collection. I think that and the $90 price difference were what got me.

I also know that the the MKII has a larger shell, and I have small ears, so that was also a consideration. The OG Tea almost feels like it was cast for my ears, so that worked out really well.





Tin 3 +

ISN 40

Looking to replace Blessing and looking for tri

like to up my DD also I have a DQ6 but that just sits there

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The catch is the “that you are using” part.

  1. Penon Serial

When I like something, I find I just don’t rotate. I could make a different top 5, but this is all I’m using besides testing out sets that are new to me.

EDIT: Ok, I’ve been willing giving this one time sometimes instead of the Serial:

  1. Oriveti OH300

I am a lot like that Timeless 90 per cent Mele when I mow . Blessing rare rare occasions


Currently own/use:

  1. Jomo Trinity Brass

  2. Earsonics Grace

  3. Jomo Haka (Custom)

  4. Final Audio VR3000

  5. Moondrop SSR

Out of all the IEMs that I’ve owned:

  1. Jomo Trinity Brass

  2. Earsonics Grace

  3. MMR Gae Bolg

  4. Campfire Audio Andromeda Pacific Blue

  5. Jomo Haka (Custom)

Thought I’d add in some that aren’t the usual suggested IEMs :sweat_smile:


I was just thinking that is not like the other lists, this got me to look at some reviews on the Jomo Haka and Trinity.

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I’ve really enjoyed all Joseph Mou (Jomo & MMR) designed IEMs that I have tried and read about so far, they just seem to go for the sorts of things that I really enjoy in an IEM experience even with the different sound signature sets. It’s a shame that Jomo have moved away from different driver types to all BA designs, but I’m sure they are great despite that. The dream is a MMR Thummim :heart_eyes:

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I think at some point I have to update my list, since there might be a lot of IEMs out there that I am missing a lot, especially the ones that are in a much higher spectrum of pricing aka higher price than the Katos. Maybe that time will come but I cannot promise it.

Though if I did create a Top 5 Headphones that I am using right now, a lot of things changed.

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