1/4 Headphone extension cable 6 foot

Just bought a 1/4 6 foot headphone extension cable at Amazon. Its only 6 foot so it shouldnt go to far past the 10 foot limit. Was surprised of the quality of it. 2 for 11$:


I have a Cordial CFM 5 VK


Is a massive cable with very solid connectors on either end.

it looks long. wont that put you past the 10 foot limit?

Yep, by 6.4 ft.
5 meters (~16.4ft) of 0.2mm² (~24AWG) cable.

Not sure what that magical “limit” is meant to be.

limit, what limit?

Theres supposed to be a 10 foot limit on headphone cables. ive read it in a number of places. Maybe they think it will introduce noise if longer that 10 foot

It’s more like 25 ft, and I think that more applies to source gear cables than the amplified signal to the headphone.

It all comes down on impedances.
Read the answers ->

After you have sources and headphone things in cristal clear. Then you have this chart.

It is possible to run around the house… if one wants that.

I dont understand

Length in and of itself is not a useful measure.
Obviously longer wires of the same gauge have more resistance, but if you make the wire thicker (smaller gauge) then that compensates.
There are a lot of reasons to keep wire lengths short, fundamentally all wires act as antennas, they pick up noise, but unless you actually have a noise issue, I wouldn’t worry about it.

However: When you have a signal going from an amp to a speaker, you are usually in the two digit (or above) watt range. When you have a noise problem at that power level, you need to ask the local power company if they happen to run their main output through your home or tell the local radio enthusiasts they fucked up big time.
For headphones you may only be at half or one watt, the point still stands though.

Also if noise would be issues. There are cables that are shielded so they should not pickup interference / noise on the way.
Might not be that ‘pretty’ anymore and not so ‘nice’.

Where did i just see a shielded headphone cable…hhhmmm ooh Yes!
The one i ordered for the future Elex. :nerd_face: Precaution, smart. lol

I know. That’s why i tried to point you at the information you are missing.
Usually i say “make a cheese cake, you can find the ingredients by searching but maybe try mocha cheesecake if coffee’s a kick for you.”
Then it’s up to you. Find and figure out the rest what you actually need and want. Then implement that information into making the actual thing.
Why you would ask? Cause you learn.

Now you have plenty of new information from you can search more of and use what you need, if needed.