$100 DAP - Which to get?

I have recently started a new job where i will be commuting on the train 1-2 days a week. So i was looking at buying a $100 (+/-) DAP so i can listen to music on the train without using my phone. From the looks of it the Fiio X1 II is a solid choice choice or the Xduoo X3II. I’m still not entirely sure which would be the best choice or if there are any others to consider. Some help on this would be greatly appreciated.

The fiios are pretty nice and have the better sound quality and UI imo

You might be able to look in the used market and see if there are any deals out there, but IDK if there are

Save your money for the next AliExpress sale. I got a Hiby R3 for $145.00 last sale.

I have both the X1 II and the M6. I bought the M6 because I was not a fan of the UI on the X1 II at all. I highly recommend the M6 though if you can stretch your budget a little bit.

Sansa clip+ hands down
Fiio’s start being worth it at 200 dollae

I would have recommend the clip+ with rockbox but the issue is that they discontinued them. If you buy on ebay you can get a decent price though

Damn really? I lost mine forever ago behind a cupboard at my dads or something. Otherwise i would be up for selling it haha.

It’s a shame, because for the regular price you could flash it with rockbox and have a pretty full featured player for cheap. Although now the cheaper fiios are actually pretty nice. The m6 is pretty killer for the price

To add to the thread, I wasn’t truly a believer of the advantages of running a DAP, but I really fell in love with my Shanling M0. For the asking price, you get a DAP with Bluetooth and LDAC. I’ve heard complaints about the UI, but I don’t find it so fiddly to be honest. The volume dial is a nice bonus too.

From what I am looking at… it might be best to just spend an extra $40-50 and go with the Fiio M6 or the Hiby R3. Probably going to go with the M6 though, but still thinking it through.

Both are pretty solid players, don’t really think there is a wrong choice. It just depends on what you prefer

I’m also looking for some feedback in regards to a decent budget DAP. I’ve been considering the Xduoo X3II, HIDIZS AP60 Ⅱ and FiiO M6. Ideally I would like to sufficiently power my Tin HiFi P1’s however I understand that it needs a lot of juice to get them sounding like they should.

I’ve also looked in to some of the higher priced DAP’s such as the FiiO M7, HIDIZS AP80 and the Cowon Plenue D, does anyone know if any of these would have a strong enough output?

If you wanted alot of power, you could grab any dap with a line out and buy a fiio a5 and strap it on the back, more then plenty for the t1. If you got the xduoo xd-05 plus dac/amp you would not have to worry about power either, moreso then the dap and a5 combo, the only downside is that you have to use it with a phone or pc

I ended-up getting a Fiio M6 because it’s said to be more powerful than the M7 and the overall operating system I like better than the XDuoo. I’m hoping there will be enough power to run my P1’s properly, but i don’t think it will be a problem.