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Today I had a listening session between the Fiio Fa7 and fh5 and I compared the both with my jvc fw01. I used them all with a Fiio m11

I love my jvc sound wise, big stage, good sub bass enough details, and not harsh. But I can’t get the right fit for it. So I want to look for something over the ear, which is really comfortable.

So I started with the FA7. I put my own spinfit 145 on them, put them in my ear and boom, Instant love for the fit. Thy are fantastic. Than the sound… which was a little disappointing. The bass, especially the sub bass. I almost couldn’t hear or feel it. And than the mid bass, it was tight and fast, but a bit messy. I tinkered a bit with the eq to get it better. And that helped. The rest of the spectrum sounded fine, but a bit narrow.
I didn’t think them bad, but not wat I’m really looking for.

So I switched to the fh5. Put the spinfit on. Well, the fit was only ok. And after 10 min my ears got a bit irritated. So the fit was not nearly as good as the fa7. Than the sound. I got back the bass, but I don’t know. They are not as fun as my jvc. They don’t have that wide stage and that full sound signature.

So I’m looking for something as comfortable as the Fiio fa7 with the sound of the jvc fw01, or a combination of the fa7 and fh5. My guess is that hybrids are the way for me.
I listen to
Hans Zimmer
EDM - trance

I already made a list of iems that are maybe suitable. I hope you guys have great suggestions or something to say about my list?

iBasso it03
Isn h40
Oriolus finschi
Empire ears bravado mk2
Thieaudio monarch
Campfire andromeda
Moondrop Blessing 2
Oriolus mk2

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I can vouch for the it03. Extremely comfortable for me due to the lightweight and the protrusion that is similar to a custom iem. I suppose its possible that the protrusion doesn’t play will with some people’s ears though. I’m thinking of selling mine, so feel free to dm me if you are interested.

The bravado (at least mk i, so assumign mk ii is the same form factor this should apply for mk ii as well) is very big but was surprisingly comfortable for me, although it didnt insert very deep and kind of hovered out of my ear a bit more than some other iems. That could be a more or less preferred depending on what you like.

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Thanks for your input. I’m going to try to describe what I like. I like big and deep bass response, it doesn’t have to be booming, and a neutral to warm signature. I listen a lot to soundtracks/ EDM/ Trance/ HipHop, and sometimes to pop and rock. So the first are styles are most important.

I want to use them as my daily driver, which is at least a 40 minute bycicle commute to work. So microphononics and comfort are important.

I’ve been reading and wachting video’s a bit more. I was wondering if the Thieaudio monarch would fit the bill?

Hi, I realize this is an old post but I want to offer my advise. I have some JVC woodies, the fx700 (the JVC woodies all are basically the same insertion angle and shape). I always loved the sound but couldn’t really get the fit right. Then a few days ago I tried dual flange tips. I’ve of course always known about them, but was always put off by what appeared to be an uncomfortable design by the looks of them. I had some laying around in my tips stash I’ve accumulated from various iem purchases so I decided to give them a shot. To my surprise I was absolutely AMAZED what they’ve done to secure my cable down JVC woodies. I get a great seal, they’re incredibly comfortable, and I can move about with them in, turn my head, etc. It’s like a having a whole new iem. In fact I just ordered some triple flange now to see if they’re even better. If you haven’t yet, try dual flange or triple flange tips on your JVC fw01. Get a variety pack with small, medium, and large so you can experiment with the correct fit. It’ll cost you like 7 bucks. Make sure they’re quality silicon. The large is the size that work for me, but I’m sometimes a medium in other tips so try all three sizes in dual flange.

From the ones on your list, the Moondrop Variations is the bigger brother of the Blessing 2 and improves on it in every aspect. Much more coherent, the most resolving monitor below 1k imo, and with superb build quality. A clean and lean sounding monitor that‘s still very fun and musical to my ears thanks to its excellent Sub-bass. Some may find a „lack“ of mid-bass and weight to male vocals to be bothersome. But even those for whose library the tuning was no match said that it‘s an excellent IEM. Have yet to hear someone say it is not good. I should also mention that with SpinFit CP155, the Variations fit me pretty much like a custom. Cannot recommend it enough.

For ThieAudio, I consider the Oracle to be their best tuned IEM among them all. You can throw any genre at that set and it will replay them without fault. Great technical performance, build quality, and one of the best stock cables that come with an IEM (it’s so good they sell it separately by now I believe) make it a complete package.

Both IEMs I mentioned replay the genres you mentioned very well, at least to my ears.

I hope I could give you some good input and that you‘ll be happy with whatever you decide to get yourself in the end. :v:


I still have the JVC and going to try your tip.

I ended up buying the Monarch. And that is for sale again. I somehow miss something on the Monarch. I really like the sub bass, but I’m not to happy about the mid bass. I also don’t know what is going on with male vocals. They seem recessed. Maybe the monarch is a bit to clinical for my taste.

So in December I bought a Mest MKII (not below the 1K), which I really like right now, it is a lot more fun than the monarch.