100wpc + Remote

Looking for an amplifier that has at least 100wpc and a remote for $200 or less if possible. Thank you.

Slightly more than $200, Crown XLi 800 has more power. Slightly less than $200, Monoprice Unity 200-Watt.

Neither have a remote that I am aware of, and both are only amps.

55$, but no remote: https://www.cafr.ebay.ca/itm/FX-Audio-1002A-Hifi-Power-Amplifier-160W-2-TDA7498E-2-Channel-Digital-Audio-AMP/254246224427?hash=item3b3241822b:g:4P0AAOSwLoJc7P6a

Reliable? I don’t know at all. Quality? I don’t know either.
Might buy one for my parents, who are still using the integrated TV speakers (and complaining “they hear nothing”).

80W @ 4 ohms, 50W @ 8 ohms, with remote.

With bluetooth + coax:

Thanks for the info, but I am no longer looking for an amp. I keep trying to get this post deleted, but this has to be one of the worst deletion systems in existence.

Haha, no problem. If you can’t delete it, the infos could be useful for someone else.