11/11 best products

Has anyone got any theories as to what will be on sale in the chifi world on 11/11?

Are there any items that people are hoping to purchase? Why?

Hopefully Fearless S8F’s or possibly FH7’s we’ll see :+1:

PS they’ll need to be available in the UK though :thinking:

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Cheers. Hopefully they have a dap like the ibasso DX160 or the HiBy r5

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I would guess that you might be able to either score some nice cables pretty cheap or get a free one with an iem purchase

I’m wondering which online retailers will have 11/11 deals? Aliexpress, Linsoul, what else?
Hoping to snatch FH7 or something better at the price range.

New Tin T4 are 79 and you get a $20 Linsoul gift card with purchase.

Shenzhenaudio.com as well.


Thanks for that! Wow shenzhenaudio is already running discounts it seems. Does it get even cheaper on 11/11?

Oh nevermind, that’s today’s flash deal.

iBasso dx160 will be $369 on hifigo dot com on 11.11

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Looking to pick up some NiceHCK IEMs for cheap.
Offers on shenzhenaudio were dissapointing, only a little bit cheaper. In ali many things will be up to -80%
some good lookin cables are gonna go for cheap

Is there a good IEM you’d recommend from shenzhenaudio

Does Drop do 11.11 sales?

I see the new SMSL SP200 THX for $260 on 11.11

Although, the seller’s legit, Aliexpress has a habit of showing the regular price as an insanely discounted price (-80%). Psychologically, it works of course, but the actual price was never that high

That’s pretty much the way it is for most things sold online (and in stores too) lol

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Yeah, but it’s usually more subtle I’d say, even on Amazon. But as I said, it works - even when I’m absolutely conscious of it :smiley:

HiFiGo will have good discount on the DAP, headphone AMP and DAC

For your DAP/phone: Sandisk 128gb SD and microSD cards are 20$US/35$CAD at bestbuy right now.

Apparently Focal Elexs will be 600$ instead of 700$ on Drop tomorrow!

Heard it here:

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