11/11 Sales v. Black Friday?

Looking for some thoughts on how 11/11 sales compare to Black Friday, specifically on headphone dac/amps and headphones.

Some of the 11/11 prices have been posted for Topping and other companies and they look pretty good but curious if it is better to hold out until later in the month.


Ships from China: 11.11

Ships from America: Black Friday, but don’t bet on many Chinese brands to have a big discount (many are shipped overseas, or dropshipped/shifted, and rely more on Chinese retail pricing).

That said, if you see a good deal, might as well get it then. Sales aren’t guaranteed, and retailers like their profit margins so they’re not going to throw big discounts on stuff.


It really depends on what you’re looking for. I would decide what I want first, then start looking for deals, or checking hifishark and such to see if it’s available used. You also might be able to find info from previous years on Google, that would give you an idea what’s likely to go on sale and what isn’t.

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Much appreciated for the replies.

what heck is an 11.11 sale? I find it extremely disrespectful to the veterans…

China’s version of Black Friday

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mmm. I wonder if this was as snub at western culture.

It’s called single’s day in China. Celebrating single people lmao


Too much money spent on hifi not enough left for wife

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It was not anti-western at all. If anything it is a reaction to the one child policy. Because of the gender discrepancy and the fact that there are not enough women for the men in China.

When the holiday started it was originally called Bachelors’ Day, but to be inclusive, it has become Singles Day.


Hello, I recommend you to wait until the end of the month and then buy something, maybe they will be even cheaper and do not buy Chinese brands because unfortunately this is not good for me, after 2 months they have gone bad buy yourself some US companies they are the best

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I agree with you Cristen…they have brands I’ve never heard of selling electronics at the same price as the brands that are known, but they don’t come with much in the way of warranty or support, etc etc etc.

I am with @Marzipan here, I am not even sure if there are IEMs made by US companies.

There are some speaker and headphone companies based in the US, but most are still manufactured in Asia. The ones that are US assembled are not in the same price brackets.

I also don’t know how much overlap there are in the target audience for $50 IEMs and the $5,000 Audeze or Abyss over ear headphone market.