$1200 AU to spend at certain store

Hi all,
I have been given $1200 to spend at the following store https://addictedtoaudio.com.au
I only wont closed back, the headphones will only be used music. I currently own dt 1990s for gaming, I recently sold a pair of hd 600s and also have a pair of ATH-M60X.

I would love a pair of fostex purplehearts after recently listening to them so would like something close their sound. Two headphones I have picked out are below

I am thinking either https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/collections/headphones/products/audeze-lcd-2-closed-planar-magnetic-headphones


open to other suggestions.

Do they have a fostex th900mk2 there?

Yes but for $1900, well outside myt budget sadly.

Hmmm. Do they have a Denon d7200 or 9200?

no, they only sell the following brands

Hmm, well if you liked the fostex the th610 is pretty great. Perhaps you could get another headphone as well

One of the sennheiser 600 line headphones perhaps?

I recently sold a pair of hd 600s