$1500CAD Audio upgrade

Hey all, I was directed here for another forum, so I’ll just copy my post over! Thanks for any help!

Hey guys, so my current setup for audio is:


Sennhesier HD 598

Blue Yeti w/ Shockmount & Boom



I’m strongly considering doing a big audio upgrade later this year/early next year. And I’m curious what the " ideal" amount to spend is, for a solid upgrade to both. I was considering a possible budget of $1,500CAD for both . If I could get near similar quality sound for less, I’d strongly consider it, and I’d maybe budge if just a little more will give me a big bump.

My Audio “use”:

PC: For my PC I mainly game, and I play lots of games where clear nice sound is a factor (Escape from Tarkov, etc), but I also love being immersed in single player stories, etc. I love the current comfort, and sound of my HD598. I love the open back, but when I’m not gaming I’m listening to music and browsing the web/etc, and my main choice of music is hiphop, and am a big old head, and more grimy hip hop, and I’d love headphones with just a little more bass and punch, but don’t necessarily want to lose the open back. So a balance between music and gaming is ideal.

I’m also not looking to upgrade any recording stuff, just my audio output

I’m also 100% game for an AMP/DAC to fine tune the listening experience.

TV: Pretty much solely Movies, the odd console game. But I’d love a deep immersive movie experience.

I’ll add any more required info if needed! Thanks!

for gaming, you want the Beyerdynamic DT 880 600 ohm with an amp like the Liquid Spark from Monolith (by Monoprice).

for speakers, I cannot speak…not enough experience. but I think this post should be split into the gaming forum and the speaker forum…not off topic :wink:

also, WELCOME! :smiley:

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Sorta like Marzipan… Topping D50s, Asgard 3 and DT 1990 pro

Welcome too :beers: