177x vs MMX 2nd Gen vs DT 770

I am currently using the Cooler Master MH751’s for closed back gaming.

Wondering the differences between the 3 above, I posted in the casual b/c I’m not 100% competitive gamer. I like to hear footsteps and all but I also want my audio to sound good so I’m not as worried about having no bass to hear the footsteps.

Are the 177x’s worth the extra money?
With the 177x & MMX only being 32Ohms does that make them not as detailed as the 250 variant 770 or does that not matter as much?
I’ve seen some ppl say the MMX is basically the 32ohm 770 but maybe with minor tweaks, anyone that has used both think that?
I’ve really wanted to try Argons but I don’t want to wait that long right now.

I need closed backs for my FPS games b/c my GPU is way to damn loud and I don’t want to blow my eardrums with open backs.

I’m also using the magni 3+/modi 3 stack and have a desktop mic.

Thanks in advance.

Depends on the person. I would say yes personally as I like it a lot more. Better than it’s 1770 twin over there. It’s a different signature where the bass and treble is slightly increased while the 770s are much more severe.

some comparison for you there that other frequency is 770 in 250 ohms. The difference is quite drastic. 177x go is more refined keeping that large soundstage and great imaging

Not particularly however I would say you can notice more detail due to the much more increased highs of the 770. MMX is essentially just the 770 but with a microphone and some slight alterations.

yep, just said this one above. MMX is good but I wouldn’t say that I think it’s worth $300 though if you can get it for… I wanna say like $250 yeah I could see that considering the mic addition is nice and the tweaks allows the lower ohm to sound better in my opinion than the actual 32 ohm 770.

Very different in signature. Argons are very bassy with dark tones while the ones in question are bright. Nighthawk Carbon may be able to offer a good example of this for you. also with what grant was saying earlier about how ridiculously long they had him wait to get get a response they pretty much blew him off… im not sure about the state of their customer support… I tried emailing them as well as haven’t heard anything… I wouldn’t bother until they get their heads back in order and actually deliver some better customer service and product.

that makes no sense to me. Do you have a blower style gpu? just place the pc further away. If your listening to stuff in an open back it should still block out the noise for the most part.

shouldn’t have any issues with power requirements then.

Well I mean maybe I’m just not turning up the volume enough but when I wear my HD58x’s there’s things I don’t hear like in EFT or in something like PUBG. I can play like CoD or Apex or Battlefield with them but EFT and PUBG just seem I need to crank the headphones and I don’t really want to damage my hearing lol. I’ve had my pc under my desk before and right now i’ve got it on top but I can’t really get it any further away. I’ve also put the fans to 55% but the GPU will get at 83 temp maybe more the GPUz doesn’t seem to read it past that.

I have EVGA 1080 FTW, maybe the 3 fan GPUs can be quieter idk.

Ok so Amazon has the MMX for $279, I have $120 in rewards that I could use. I guess with Z’s review on it I’ve been swayed more towards it instead of the 770 but I do really like how the 177x looks but $450 is a lot lol. So I’m curious do you agree with Z or has he hyped up the MMX up too much?

In terms of gaming, would I gain more by going with the 177x? I hate these decisions lol, the 177x’s just look really sleek and nice.

He does this a lot to put this simply. So, yes, I do think he hyped it up too much.

$450 is new you can find them sold by others for much cheaper than that like around $300.

770 / mmx is bassier and brighter while 177x sounds more refined and looks better smoother. I like both but they are different headphones. I would prefer to recommend 177x due to just how bright and potentially sibilant the 770s really are.

So is the 177x still detailed enough for gaming?

Plenty enough for gaming and quite enjoyable at that.

Do you use the stock pads or have you tried the ones Z recommends? Soundstage still good compared to those other 2?

I have those pads indeed as they are cheap. They aren’t particular a high recommend from me as I much more prefer Dekoni’s pads. Brainwavz are cheap, tear easier, and don’t last as long. Plus I fully believe dekonis to be much more comfortable. Still, Soundstage will be slightly larger using that bigger deeper pad as one would expect. Generally I would say if you want to keep that signature relatively close to its stock use perforated or just keep it velour. The soundstage as one can expect from the dt 770 is just as large if not potentially larger on the 177x GO even for closed back standards it doesn’t particularly sound like a closed back in that regard.

Ok, so stock pads you say soundstage is on par if not bigger as the 770? And perforated dekonis if i want leather but keep it stock sound? Have you tried the choice leather dekonis?

choice leather dekonis really emphasize the bass a bit too much in my opinion. The mix of much thicker pads and thick material drops the treble and makes the headphone sound warm with some dark tones to it potentially even so much as to say it becomes rather boomy.

yep, just keep in mind switching to a less airy material though like the other set of leathers you get with the headphone will remove some soundstage and add bass. Thicker pads will bring depth to your sound and create more soundstage.

So which dekonis do you like?

Most definitely my favorite from dekoni are the suedes. Perforated are alright for keeping it closer to its sound signature… velours are nice too they keep it the closest while adding more cushion and a little more soundstage as your ears are further from the driver.

t60rp argons are worth the wait.

So i bought some 177x used on Amazon and they just came in today. Question about the ear cups fitting to your head. Is it normal for them not to seal all around? Like when I put them on the bottoms feel like they flare lout out kinda and clamps more at the top and then also clamp more towards the front and flare out towards the back. Just trying to figure out if a brand new pair would fit that way or if something happened to these used ones…

I also bought the MMX’s to try and those fit fine and seal all the way around.

No, I own the 177x go myself and as per the norm with closed backs they are designed to seal and isolate your ears all the way around. That’s rather unusual and sounds like maybe the person who had it last may have bent it or broke it in strangely. Definitely make sure its not just the feeling and it really is losing that seal though. The closed back series of beyers are supposed to have quite a bit of clamp to them.

Considering you say the mmx are different and actually fit you, I think it’s safe to assume that the particular pair of 177x just had something happen to them. Which is unfortunate. However, That isn’t to say you won’t be able to get a good idea of its sound… lacking seal mainly changes your bass. You can file it with amazon of whats wrong with the product and have them returned but definitely check out the headphone compared to the mmx300s see which one you prefer more. Keep in mind mmx is closer to the 770s and the 177x over there has quite a bit of a different tuning to it. You may like the mmx / 770s more than 177x GO.

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Sorry but another question, so how much would you say the 177x is lacking in bass compared to the MMX? I’m hearing very little like even less than my 58x’s it seems and I’m kinda thinking it’s b/c the ear cups are flared out so there’s no seal and maybe too much is leaking out. And I’m talking about with the velours on, I know with the leathers it adds more and they also seal better. I’m almost tempted to hold my decision and just buy new ones from drop and return them if I still don’t like them.

Velours themselves aren’t very bassy and is one of the reasons to switch to a more sheepskin style pad for bass on them. That plus the fact they are flared will lose quite a bit of bass. However, in the 177x’s case the bass isn’t as drastic as a 770 / mmx300 and while raised is not as much as 770s by a good margin. You should be able to hold the ear cups flaring down to isolate your ears better to hear the bass more which will give you that sound it’s supposed to have. switch the pads out and use the following method and you will get a good idea of what your dealing with.

What are the differences between the suedes and the velours? I’ve found myself liking the velours more than the choice leather and the perforated.

Velours are airy material. They tend to increase brightness and reduce bass. Suedes will increase bass and remove some brightness and in some cases will reduce slightly in the mids. Suedes kind of like the middle ground between a sheepskin and a velour. Well… that and hybrid in some cases