1st Portable DAC amp

So these are seemingly only similar in that they both cost 100$. But as far as a 1st portable device the ES100 or Q1 Mk2?
I can see benefits from either.

Have you possibly considered the fiio btr5? It has become the replacement for the q1mk2 for most people it seems

Btr5, looking it up now…

I have the es100 and it is pretty remarkable. Powers most that I throw at it and sounds really good. However, I also plan on replacing it with the btr5 or the Shanling UP4. Both use the same dac chips I believe. Probably a slightly different sound signature but I read that both are relatively neutral in sound which I prefer. Biggest difference I saw is that the UP4 pushes more power in unbalanced vs the btr5 but the btr5 pushes more power in balanced. So I guess it depends if you’ll be running balanced or not. Same price.

Also, I’m not sure about the app for the UP4 or of it even has one but the btr5 has a decent one it looks. The UP4 also uses a rotating knob for volume instead of a rocker that the BTR5. I would prefer the knob but not a huge deal. I only heard that raising the volume multiple steps on the BTR5 can be annoying.

Those are the two I’m considering to upgrade my es100 at least. :grimacing:

Edit: only reason I want to replace is because although it powers most of my stuff, some could use just a tad bit more power.

Also the UP4 has slightly better battery life I believe. If that matters to you.

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When used with a phone is there any concern with Android vs iOS when choosing external DAC/amp/BT?

Currently on Android but the the iPhone XR’s are 5$ a month right now and I may switch.

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You just have to make sure if you are going to use it in USB dac mode (which would give better sound quality than Bluetooth) that the device is compatible with apple products which I think fiio devices are apple certificated

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mon is right, honestly if u want to use it mainly for the bluetooth android is leagues better. but if you want it to connect apple is fine too

If you are using the btr5 connected via USB to either the Android or apple it should be the same, but if you plan to use Bluetooth I tend to see it preform better on Android

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The BTR5 dropped in price on Amazon. 109$ with free delivery. On backorder till Jan 20, but I liked the price and bought it.


Recommed BTR5 or Shanling UP4